Meet Our 2011 Bloggers: Evert Veldhuijzen

Meet Our 2011 Bloggers: Evert Veldhuijzen

26th December 2011

The end of the year is approaching rapidly so it is time to start counting down to the New Years. And I always like to do that in a special way. Because this blog is something special. Special because the authors of this blog are not only very smart people who write great content, but also very nice people who all have one thing in common: they have a specific drive and they are genuine.

Our State of Search blogging team is very special. And that team deserves the attention, so we are giving them the attention they deserve. Today we look at Germany, where Evert Veldhuijzen resides.


The questions answered by Evert:

What post are you are most proud of this year?
Unfortunately I didn’t have time to write some good in depth posts this year. However, I’m proud that I learned to live blog a lot faster, so I think my live blogging posts at SES New York Was pretty good. And I would like to remind you my post about the reviewing paused feature on Adwords which imho still sucks big time.

What was your (personal or business, or both) highlight of 2011?
My personal highlight of the year was our charity battle “Betrunken Gutes Tun” (“Doing good drunk”). As I’m supporting the “NCL-Stiftung” (a foundation against a deadly disease called NCL, in English also known as “Batten disease) I asked my buddy Marcus “Mediadonis” Tandler, who does a lot of charity projects, to help me raise some money for the NCL foundation. We decided to do a charity battle among the participating cities Hamburg, Cologne, Nürnberg, Munich and Berlin, to find out which city can drink the most “Glühwein”. We found some sponsors that paid one Euro to our charity partners. At the end Berlin won (of course) drinking 529 glasses of Glühwein raising almost 8000 Euro! In total we raised nearly 20.000 Euro for the good cause. As we organized everything in just a week, I’m pretty proud of the results.

What are you ‘wishing’ for 2012?
My wishes for 2012: launching a new company (“netlead”) to bring our internal SEA tools on the market, raising at least 50.000 Euro with the second edition of the charity battle. And I’m looking forward to SMX Munich, where I’ll be speaking in another charity session and a session with SEA guru Brad Geddes!

A personal thought about Evert

Evert has a very special spot for me ever I first met him years ago in Berlin when we had diner. Ever since we worked together on the blog and we spent a great week in New York. Evert is ‘part of the furniture’ of State of Search and I hope he will continue to be that for a long long time.

Evert, my good man, we haven’t been able to chat up much lately, but you are always there mate. I hope you and your family have a great 2012 where not only your business will flourish, but your personal life even more. And lets get into the pub again soon :).

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