Meet Our 2011 Bloggers: Kelvin Newman

Meet Our 2011 Bloggers: Kelvin Newman

22nd December 2011

The end of the year is approaching rapidly so it is time to start counting down to the New Years. And I always like to do that in a special way. Because this blog is something special. Special because the authors of this blog are not only very smart people who write great content, but also very nice people who all have one thing in common: they have a specific drive and they are genuine.

All the bloggers deserve some attention and that is what they are getting going up to the New Year. Now it is time for Kelvin Newman


I asked Kelvin the same questions as I did the others:

What post are you are most proud of this year?
It’s not a post I wrote for State of Search but I’m hugely proud of my blog post I wrote for econsultancy talking about Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm. It’s not a topic I’ve seen written much about despite its huge significance, and six months later it’s still the most comprehensive guide to the subject.

What was your (personal or business, or both) highlight of 2011?
BrightonSEO has gone absolutely crazy in the last twelve months. I’ve got to admit it was hugely gratifying after just 28 minutes of releasing six hundred tickets to the last event it had sold out. To be part of an event which people are that keen to attend is great and each time we have a sell out encourages me to raise the quality of the event even more.

What are you ‘wishing’ for 2012?
I’ve got some hairbrained ideas around the BrightonSEO events which I’m currently working on, there’s a lot of wishing involved in making them happen. I’ve got all my fingers, toes and limbs crossed that it all goes to plan.

A personal thought about Kelvin

Wow, a State of Search blogger who doesn’t put his best post on State of Search, I should kick him out for that ;). But that would be crazy, because Kelvin has written some fantastic stuff for State of Search too! And he fits the profile: knowledgable, can write and is an all round nice guy.

Kelvin does some amazing work for the industry organizing Brighton SEO. People in the industry will acknowledge that. But Kelvin does a lot more. He is great at what he does and he is one of the best speakers on the circuit. I always enjoy listening to him very much. Because he doesn’t stop when his slide is done. He makes you think and trigger and that is what a great speaker should be doing.

Kelvin, it is really great having you on board, I hope you will stick with us for a long time and that we can meet up at conferences for a long time. A great holiday for you and your family and for 2012, make sure you safe the best content for us ;).

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