Meet Our 2011 Bloggers: Lisa Myers

Meet Our 2011 Bloggers: Lisa Myers

21st December 2011

The end of the year is approaching rapidly so it is time to start counting down to the New Years. And I always like to do that in a special way. Because this blog is something special. Special because the authors of this blog are not only very smart people who write great content, but also very nice people who all have one thing in common: they have a specific drive and they are genuine.

As you may have noticed I am highlighting the bloggers on State of Search, because they are a very special group of people. That certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ is something I look for in bloggers, and they all have that. So I decided they deserve a bit of attention. Today its ladies day starting with Lisa Myers.


I also asked Lisa the same questions as I did the others:

What post are you are most proud of this year?
I think this year my favourite blogpost that I’ve written is This Google Blogpost I wrote it only a few days after Google Plus launches properly here in the UK and it’s still ranking #1 for “How to use Google Plus” and “guide to Google Plus” For State of Search its one of the blogposts that generates the most organic traffic. To be honest its not the best blogpost I’ve ever written but it was at the right time with the right title.

What was your (personal or business, or both) highlight of 2011?
This year has been a busy and exiting year for me. I had a baby girl late 2010 so for the first 4 months of the year I was enjoying staying at home with Isla. Although being on maternity when you run your own business isn’t quite like “normal maternity”, I was never completely away from work. In fact I spoke at Think Visibility when I had just gone off on maternity at 38 weeks pregnant and spoke at SES this February and brought the baby with me. I think some people are still getting over the sight of me nursing in the speaker room between two speaking slots.

Another highlight this year were the UK Search Awards where my agency Verve Search won “Best SEO Campaign” and I won “Search Personality of the Year”, it was an awesome night. Winning “Best SEO Campaign” was such a big WIN for a small agency like Verve, small agencies often has to work much harder to get taken seriously. This should help J Winning the Search Personality of the Year was also very flattering, thanks to Sam Murray who nominated me. I am however getting a little sick of the jibes and people making fun of the title and me winning it, but as my mum used to say “if you are willing to step out of a line of people be prepared to be hit in the face” lol…Norwegian thing.

What are you ‘wishing’ for 2012?
I would love for 2012 to be the year where my agency sees substantial growth and further success, maybe sell, then come up with the next big technology idea and sell again. That can all happen within 1 year right.

Oh and: good health, more time with my children, husband and friends. Easy peasy.

A personal thought about Lisa

Some people tend to forget and some even don’t know, but without Lisa Myers there probably wouldn’t even have been a State of Search. She is the co-founder of the site and played a huge role in for example the first design, the name of the site and much more in the background. You might see the most of me, but Lisa has her own role behind the scenes!

Ever since I first met Lisa at an SMX London several years ago, where I interviewed her for the cowboys sites, we have grown to be very good friends. Lisa and her husband Jon are not only the “Beckhams” of the industry, they are also two of the nicest and most welcome people in the industry. They always welcome me (and my family, the kids really hit it off) with open arms which I appreciate very very much.

This year Lisa has been very busy with both her kids and her business, something I know from personal experience can be tiring as hell. But she got what she deserved at the end of the year. Lisa was voted Search Personality of the Year in the UK. It might be interesting to know why: the most important reasons for her winning is that she always stands for the industry, she knows what she is talking about, but most importantly she helps young SEOs get better and helps them get foot on the ground in the industry, something which we need very much.

I knew that Lisa would be winning but couldn’t tell, so I secretly filmed her reaction when she heard she won, priceless:

Lisa, I wish you and your family everything you can wish for in 2012. I know you will make the right choices and I know we will be seeing you a lot more on State of Search next year. Looking forward to that!

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