Meet Our 2011 Bloggers: Pete Young

Meet Our 2011 Bloggers: Pete Young

28th December 2011

The end of the year is approaching rapidly so it is time to start counting down to the New Years. And I always like to do that in a special way. Because this blog is something special. Special because the authors of this blog are not only very smart people who write great content, but also very nice people who all have one thing in common: they have a specific drive and they are genuine.

Ever since the start we have had some great bloggers on our team who deserve some of the spotlight. So we are giving them that stage! The stage now is for a veteran: Pete Young.


I asked Pete the same questions as I did the others:

What post are you are most proud of this year?
I know what my favourite one on State of Search is this one however in terms of my own work on the site this year probably the post regarding outing – something which appears to have become quite topical recently.

What was your (personal or business, or both) highlight of 2011?
2011 has been an interesting year. I made my debut at SES London this year, and further conference highlights were at both Sascon in May and the mini conference in November both of which appeared to be well received. More recently my new role at Mediacom as Regional Head of SEO has provided me with a great opportunity at one of the biggest media agencies in the UK.

What are you ‘wishing’ for 2012?
Stability. I have lost count of the amount of changes Google has made this year. Almost every week – if not more there is a change – however given the nature of many of the changes we have seen this year particularly in terms of real estate takeover on the SERPs I doubt that we will see any change in this trend.

Also – both the Search Awards & Sascon has gone from strength to strength over the last year – and I am really hoping we can carry on with that success this year and moving forward

On a personal note looking forward to a bit more family time as the last couple of years really have been full on and this year should hopefully see more of a balance between work and play.

A personal thought about Peter

As said, Pete is one of the ‘veterans’. A long time blogger and with us from the start. Pete doesn’t only shows his writing skills on State of Search. His own blog Holisticsearch is a great resource and every post there would be a great asset to State of Search.

I’ve gotten to know Pete as one of the most loyal and kind people inside and outside of the industry. He is dedicated with everything he does, which some times might get him trouble time wise, but he is highly appreciated and I consider him a friend.

Pete, I hope the coming year will bring you some more quiet time for you and your family and off course to give you some more time to do the stuff you want. I am looking forward to spending some time discussing the matters of life again :).

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