Meet our 2011 Bloggers: The Man himself (Bas van den Beld)

Meet our 2011 Bloggers: The Man himself (Bas van den Beld)

30th December 2011

In the past week Bas have been posting profiles and summaries of each blogger from the State of Search blogging crew. Typically of Bas, he has left himself out. When asked if he could email me his own answers to the questions he asked all the bloggers, he was hesitant. You see Bas is one modest Dutchman. For those of you that don’t know the history of State of Search ; the blog is only turning 2 years old this February. In fact this time 2 years ago, myself and Bas was Skyping over the Christmas period talking about whether he should “go at it alone”, in which my reply was “heck yeah”. And in only 2 years this blog has grown to become one of the most respected Search and Social blogs in Europe and the US. It has some serious klout (pardon the pun). I’m proud to be a founding member of this blog but can take little of the credit of its success; Bas van den Beld is the man, and he rocks!

Some of the State of Search bloggers earlier this year. See what a happy bunch we are. In Bas we trust 🙂

So without further ado, Bas: here’s a few summaries from your bloggers and why we think you are so great:

Lisa Myers

Lisa MyersHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
I first met Bas when he came to SMX London as a Searchcowboys blogger in November 2008 and he asked if he could interview me, the idea was that he would do a 5 min interview but I felt so at ease talking to Bas that I kept on talking, it ended up being one of my longest interviews ever. We have been friends ever since. I now consider him to be one of my close friends as well as an Industry peer and “colleague”.

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
It’s impossible not to warm to Bas, he has a way about him that makes you totally trust and confide in him from the moment you meet him. He doesn’t possess a bad bone in his body and welcomes everyone with open arms. He’s a natural ‘people person’ and networker, which is why he makes such a fabulous blog editor. He is also a visionary; when we first started talking about starting a blog together he had a concise view of what he wanted to create and what the SEO industry needed. This blog and its success is a testimony to what makes Bas so brilliant; he gets the SEO industry.  He also has an eye for talent and has done a very good job of picking bloggers that has personalities and that creates good content.  He had a plan and he nailed it, and most importantly he is gracious and nice about it. Proof that you don’t need to be a dick to be successful. Bas you’re a legend and it’s a pleasure to work with you!

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
I am very proud to be part of the team at State of Search, it stands for everything I believe in when it comes to SEO and blogging; honesty, transparency and knowledge. There are no egos here, just simply SEOs wanting to share and discuss search and social.

Nichola Stott

Nichola StottHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
I first met Bas “online” after I won a competition to join the SEO Chicks. Bas interviewed Lisa (as SEO Chicks editor), Sarah Carling (my fellow new-Chick-on-the-block) and I. At the time Bas was the editor of Search Cowboys and the piece was a live audio interview, which was really fun to do. I think this must have been back in 2009, which already feels like light-years away. I’m actually not certain when we first met face to face though I think it was later that same year, somewhere in the Old Street area of London.

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
I think Bas is one of the nicest, most level-headed and reasonable people in the industry. Bas has great knowledge and excellent coaching and mentoring qualities, which appear effortless because he is so good at what he does; and extremely modest too. Bas isn’t afraid to take a standpoint however, and when he does this is always based on a firm belief or strongly held opinion and never purely for sensationalist reasons. Nor does he jump on populist bandwagons purely because of traffic or notoriety.

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?

I really like being a State of Search blogger. Much like corporate culture, where a good positive figure-head has a trickle-down effect on the ethos of the business, a good editor can assemble and inspire a team of like-minded people. I was lucky enough to know most of the SoS bloggers before they joined the team and those that I didn’t I’ve been meeting over the years at conferences and events, and have to say there is such a great sense of belonging and camaraderie. It’s a real honour to be part of such a smart crowd of people who consistently produce great content on every aspect of search.

Sam Murray

Sam MurrayHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
I have known Bas personally for just over 2+ years. I first met him at a conference where Lisa Myers introduced us and instantly liked him as he is Dutch (in my opinion, the coolest people in the world) and looked like one of Tottenham’s old managers! I’ll let people guess who that is.

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
Ever since meeting Bas he has been supportive throughout and gives praise where it is due and constructive advice too. He is tireless in his work and it is great to see SOS become one of the most respected blogs and resources online.

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
In a word. Proud. There are so many people on the blog that I respect and look to for advice, so it is an honour to be within the same team as them.

Louis Venter

Louis VenterHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
I met Bas first in May 2009 at SMX where we chatted and he offered me a guest post on Searchcowboys, after that one he offered me a blogging spot and I have really enjoyed working with him since then!

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
Bas is probably the most level-headed nice guy in the industry. You can chat to him for impartial advice on pretty much anything. Bas has helped me on a wide range of topics from SEO to business advice to hiring advice. You always come out of a conversation with Bas feeling better than when you started it and that’s a great testament to him and his character.

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
It’s something I am immensely proud of not only because it is a market leading blog but also the family atmosphere between the bloggers. That’s all down to Bas and the way he runs both the blog and the blogging team.

Barry Adams

Barry AdamsHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
I’ve known Bas since 2008 when I applied to blog for Searchcowboys, of which he was the editor in chief at the time. Bas took a chance on me and allowed me to blog for the site, even though at that time I had zero reputation in the SEO industry. We didn’t actually meet face to face until February 2011 when we both attended the SAScon conference – which up to that point made me the one exception to his rule that he’d met everyone who blogged for him. Aside from being much taller than I expected him to be, he also turned out to be a truly superb guy.

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
Without Bas I would never have developed in to the SEO that I am today. That may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not. Before Bas let me blog for him at Searchcowboys I’d been doing SEO for 5 years, and I thought I knew everything there was to know about it. Of course the moment I started blogging for SC and reading other bloggers’ content, I realised that was a flawed assumption. I wanted to be a good blogger and not let Bas down with mediocre content, so I ramped up my SEO learning and experimentation efforts and tried to find other sources for me to become a better SEO. (That eventually led me to join the SEO Training Dojo, but that’s a story for another time.) As a result I became a much better SEO with a more more thorough understanding of my craft. I also acquired many peripheral skills, such as writing and data analysis. Eventually my blogging efforts for Searchcowboys and State of Search, as well as new skills & experiences I gathered in jobs I could never have done before I ramped up my SEO learning, lead to certain doors being opened for me that would otherwise have remained closed. And those opened doors resulted in speaking gigs at the aforementioned SAScon, which in turn lead to a host of new friendships with some truly wonderful people.

So, in a nutshell, Bas is directly responsible for my current job (which I love very much) and a number of friendships that I value very much. To say he’s had a hugely positive impact on me would be an understatement.

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
It’s great to be part of such a great group of bloggers and to be able to contribute, however modestly, to such a fantastic website. The SoS bloggers do feel a bit like a family sometimes, as we tend to seek each other out at industry events to share stories & drinks. The fantastic content these people manage to deliver inspires and motivates me to do even better, as both a blogger and as a professional SEO.

Jeroen van Eck

Jeroen van EckHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
Before Bas asked me to start blogging for State of Search I just knew him as the leading man behind Search Cowboys. Just after he started State of Search he asked me if I was interested in joining the team based on a few conversations on Google Wave (yes, really!) and my posts on our company blog.

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
As a starting blogger I was very flattered, but at the same time I also got a request from Search Cowboys to blog for their site. The fact that I chose for the starting blog State of Search instead of the authoritative Search Cowboys says everything about Bas. His vision behind State of Search really appealed to me and the personal approach to his bloggers is great.
As a blogger for State of Search I feel really appreciated. He tries to make itas easy as possible for us bloggers to deliver quality content, to communicate with each other and to create synergy. He’s always trying to make State of Search more than just some group of individual bloggers. And that shows on the blog. When I started blogging for State of Search he tried to give some directions to improve my posts, mostly about the details. This really helped me to write the posts I’m writing now. And now Bas he knows he can post my articles blindly, because he invested time in helping me in the beginning.

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
I really haven’t spoken to Bas in real life very often but somehow I feel like I’ve learned a lot of things about the international search landscape from him. Bas is an all round good guy, a really social person and a great writer. And I’m proud to be part of the State of Search team he has formed.

Kelvin Newman

Kelvin NewmanHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
I had actually been writing for state of search a while before I actually got the pleasure of meeting “the ambassador” but he’s got one of those personalities where you feel like you’ve known him years

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
One of the things that impresseses me most about bas is the way he works like a machine but still clearly makes so much time for his family, most people aren’t very good at that! And he doesn’t kick me off the team for persistently missing dealines.

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
It’s great to be part of such a dream team, its a bit like being an Avenger crossed with being involved in the recording of BandAid, only with more talk about canocilisation.

Peter Young

Peter YoungHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
Bas invited me to join the Search Cowboys blogging team around 2 or so years back. When he decided that he was going to start up the State of Search blog, I decided to join the team over here State of Search.

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
Van (J) has become one of the first people I look for in terms of up to date information and feedback. Hes invariably first to the scoop and has attracted some of the leading lights in the UK SEO scene to join the team over here at State of Search. Further to that he is one of the nicest most genuine people I know.

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
Thoroughly enjoy it. The extention of the blog to the radio show has also allowed me to join Bas on that (many people say I have a face for radio) – and Bas’ constant strive to move the blog forward is something I think many people could look and learn from.

Annabel Hodges

Annabel HodgesHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
I’m racking my brains! I can’t remember! I feel like I’ve known Bas for ages but in reality it’s probably more like year and a half. I remember knowing of Bas long before I really met him. Ahhh the twittersphere! I met Bas officially through becoming a State of Search blogger I think actually. He cunningly asked if if I’d like to sum up my thoughts on a Think Vis many months ago as my first post and the rest, as they say, is State of Search history.

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
Bas is one of the nicest and most helpful people in the industry. Cheesy but true! Always interested, always remembering little details about you and always sharing. Bas goes the extra mile every time. And his enthusiasm is catching.

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
Proud! And happy to have a blogging family and Dad (sorry Bas) who are as clever as they are friendly and welcoming.

Claire Carlile

Claire CarlileHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
I first met Bas in real life February this year at SES London, though of course I had been following him on twitter for a while, and listening to the State of Search podcast.

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
I’ve not known Bas that long, but I’ve always been struck by what a genuine, good person that he is. I’ve only been blogging for State of Search since June this year, I was so chuffed to have been asked, but I also wasn’t sure that I had much to offer from an SEO blogging perspective. Bas gave me alot of encouragement, administered a good dose of self-belief, and the kick up the butt to actually start writing and blogging!

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
It’s nice to be part of such a team of lovely people, who are also great writers and seo and social media clever clogs. I’ve been abit slack on the blogging front since I fell pregnant as I felt so ghastly – I can’t promise any great shake up in my blogging regime – but I will try and s-q-e-e-u-z-e out the odd post in 2012 🙂

Marcus Taylor

Marcus TaylorHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
I first met Bas earlier this year in May when I spoke on the same panel as him at SMX Advanced London.

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
Bas is an absolute a legend in the search industry! He’s such a helpful and genuinely nice guy and has always been there to support me when I’ve needed it. On top of that, his knowledge of search and social and delivery of that knowledge is really great – I’ve learnt a hell of a lot this year from his talks and posts.

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
Writing for State of Search has been really good fun. It’s a great little community full of incredibly insightful bloggers and I’m really proud to be a part of team.

Claire Thompson

Claire ThompsonHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
I met him through my colleague and partner in crime at SEO PR Training, Nichola Stott, so just over a year ago.

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
He’s a genuinely knowledgeable, genuinely nice guy, very easy company and full of great suggestions. The SEO industry is full of much nicer people than I had ever expected – to the outside world, SEO is a dark art, and slightly shady. In reality, it’s a fantastic community where people understand better than anyone else the value of collaboration. Bas personifies some of the better qualities of the community.

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
One word: Priviledged.

Carla Marshall

Carla MarshallHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
I’ve only met Bas once but feel like I’ve known him for years through his work on Search Cowboys & WebmasterradioFM. We keep in touch via Twitter & Facebook but I’m really looking forward to spending more time with him – and the other SOS bloggers – in 2012.

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
Bas is one of the most supportive and genuine people in the search world and it speaks volumes about him that he is held in such high regard. You don’t always have to meet someone in person to consider them a good friend and an ally that’s how I feel about Bas

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
I know that Bas very carefully handpicks his bloggers to reflect the best that the industry has to offer and so I was very, very honoured to have been asked. I take so much inspiration from others that make the time to write about their subject and offer advice and guidance and I hope my posts can help others too.

Jackie Hole

Jackie HoleHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
I met Bas online initially in the SEO group – he asked if anyone could cover SMX East/New York in September 2011 so my answer was ‘HELL YES’ on many levels. We actually met in person at the September ThinkVis, so I guess he did meet me before I came on board 🙂

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
The thing that has been so lovely is that I am relatively new to the online SEO community, so to find out how well respected Bas is as a role model, mentor, supporter, content provider, active ‘do-er’, and all round inspriational good chap has made this all the more special. I don’t think I have ever been more excited at the prospect of getting to know someone more over the years to come. Bas is one of those people that you just feel you have known for years and gives you that warm ‘Awwwwwwwwwwww’ feeling’ which is a lovely and very special quality to have. I also feel that I have not drunk enough beer with the man so here’s to 2012! 😉

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
Bas could very easily have picked someone else to go to SMX New York so for Bas to trust someone he hardly knew to go and represent was good, but to also be asked to join the team and get such amazing feedback made me feel totally honoured. I really feel part of something special and I love that everyone is so friendly and welcoming even though some of us have never met. The team are all different in style and insight and that makes writing for SoS fun and interesting too!

Sam Noble

Sam NobleHow did you meet Bas/How long have you known each other?
The first time I met Bas was at the drinks which took place after SMX London at the beginning of 2011

What are your personal thoughts about Bas?
Bas is a role model for many people within the industry and seeing how much he has helped individuals and companies to grow over the past year is very inspiring.
The presentations I have seen Bas give at various conferences this year just highlight further how much knowledge and passion he has for Search and Social. Since meeting Bas he has helped me with a number of tips prior to my first public speaking appearance, which really helped to boost my confidence. Additionally, he has added me to the blogging panel for State of Search which is fantastic for me.

How do you feel about being a State of Search Blogger?
I am very excited to become a full time State of Search blogger from January 2012. The past two guest posts I did on State of Search appear to have been received well and I’m looking forward to being able to contribute every month in 2012. Being asked by Bas to become a blogger for State of Search meant a lot to me and it’s nice to hear that the work you have been doing over the years has actually been recognised.

Finally, let’s hear it from the man himself; Bas van den Beld what were your  highlights from 2011?

What post are you are most proud of this year?
The most proud I am of the post about Google+ I wrote only just after the launch, not just because the post did well, but because the developments show that my vision on what Google+ is, is correct. It is not the Facebook killer, but its all about data. I am proud of this and the talk I held at SMX London a few weeks before. Even before Google+ launched I told the audience what we could expect from a “Google Social Network” and I was right in many ways, this post was a follow up on that.

What was your (personal or business, or both) highlight of 2011?
Several things! My training sessions really took off this year. So much that I had to stop working for the DMA. And State of Search is blossoming like never before, something I am really proud of, as well as what the State of Search team looks like. They are not ‘just’ bloggers. They are special people with knowledge, skills to write, but especially a heart in the right place.
On a personal level I am enjoying my kids daily. They growing so fast, but are so very clever, that is simply a joy to watch.

What are you ‘wishing’ for 2012?
First of all, I wish everybody to have the best 2012 they can have, in good health and wealth. I wish for the ‘world’ to calm down a bit and for the industry to blossom like never before. For State of Search I am wishing a new design, more great content and many more readers we can please with our content 🙂

Note from everyone: THANK YOU for all your hard work in 2011 Bas, you are an awesome editor, we salute you. Chin Chin!


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Lisa Myers runs her own SEO & Social Media Agency; Verve Search based in London (UK). She is also founder of the SEO blog; and was co-founder of State of Search.
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