Mel Carson launches Delightful Communications

When we heard about Microsoft making changes to their teams, which meant the end of his career at Microsoft for Mel Carson, we immediately said it would be a big loss for Microsoft. But we also weren’t afraid for where Mel would be going next. There would be people in line trying to persuade Mel to come and work with him.

Those people will have to get in line again, but now as potential clients for Mel’s new company: Delightful Communications.

Carson starts his own company to do consultancy on three different levels:

– Social Media Integration
– Digital PR
– Personal Branding

And he already has some clients as well. Next to that Carson is becoming “US Ambassador at Large” for Majestic SEO, which means Dixon Jones was the first in line ;).

On his site Carson says it actually was a long time coming:

At school I would ask the teachers to stock the library with all manner of entrepreneur-type magazines and books, and you could often find me voraciously reading them, pausing only occasionally to stare out of the window and daydream about what it must be like to be your own boss.


Well, when fortune forced me to pull a sad face 8 weeks ago, those dreams started to become a reality as I realised now was the time to make them real.

Carson will also be publishing a book soon, called Pioneers of Digital, in which he highlights some big names in the industry.

We off course wish Mel all the luck in his new business!

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  1. Thanks for the write up Bas. It’s been quite a couple of months setting this all up. I’m really looking forward to the Majestic gig too, even if it means spending more time with Dixon! 😉 Keep up the great work sir!

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