Microsoft ‘s Photosynth team takes another step: Read / Write World

Microsoft ‘s Photosynth team takes another step: Read / Write World

27th April 2011

Ever since I first saw Blaise Aguera y Arcas present about Photosynth I have been impressed by what Microsoft is doing with the technique. Based on the technique which makes use of images made by you and me and posted for example on Flickr, Microsoft developed several new products like Streetside, StreetSlide imagery and live video in maps.

Microsoft really has some nice material there, yet Google Streetview also remains dominant here. That without a doubt will have something to do with the market share of Bing.

At the Where 2.0 O’Reilly conference Microsoft’s Blaise Aguera y Arcas talked about yet another impressive new feature concerning imagery/mapping connection: the Read / Write World.

The project is still in an early “alpha stage”. That is remarkable for Microsoft who usually want to develop through before they launch. The Read / Write World intents to create a new language RM (Reality Markup Language). The goal is to view, in real time all geo-linked media on the web.

Microsoft launched an entire website to support the product. There they describe the new service:

“Today we’re unveiling a major new project in Bing. Technically it’s an indexing, unification, and connection of the world’s geo-linked media. Informally, it’s the magic of:

  • Seeing your photos automatically connected to others;
  • Being able to simply create immersive experiences from your or your friends photos, videos, and panoramas;
  • “Fixing” the world, when the official imagery of your street is out of date;
  • Visually mapping your business, your favorite park, or your real estate for everyone to see;
  • Understanding the emergent information from the density and tagging of media.”

To really get a good understanding look at the video below which shows what they are planning to do. Also watch the talk from Blaise Aguera at Where 2.0 below.


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