Mike Grehan talks you through the SES London programme (part 2)

Mike Grehan talks you through the SES London programme (part 2)

14th February 2011

SES London 2011 is approaching rapidly and if you have a ticket or planning to get one you might be wondering: what sessions should I go to, what is interesting?

The obvious answer to that is: everything is and pick what fits you most. But you won’t get much further with that kind of information. So I asked the person who can tell us best what is in the program to highlight and pinpoint some sessions for you: the one who set up the program, Mike Grehan.

I talked to Mike when he was visiting a conference in San Diego and we originally tried to get this as a video, but unfortunately in the end the footage wasn’t good enough to use as video material, so we’ve turned it into a podcast. You can listen to Mike about SES London in general and the sessions on day 1 here, today you can hear him explain things about day 2 and 3!

For Day 2 Mike talks about the party where the famous black hat / white hat session takes place. You will learn more black hat stuff in the bar than on stage. Site architecture also plays a big role on day two. How to handle all the user generated content. He further mentions the “Marketing to the European Union” session and much more. Day 3 of SES London is much more focussed on Social. Mike explains why.

Listen to the talk here (or download via right click)


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