Million Euro Google and Heineken deal shows new business directions for Google

Million Euro Google and Heineken deal shows new business directions for Google

5th July 2011

The Financial Times last week announced that Google and Heineken have struck a million dollar deal. The beer-giant and the search giant will become ad partners.

The deal will mean Heineken will be advertising on different Google properties like YouTube and Mobile ads. The most important part of the deal however is going the other way around: Heineken gets Google’s data.

Heineken will be getting access to databases from Google. They will be able to extract data about the preferences of those watching the ads on Google properties: “where they shop, or what other words they search for on Google.

Heineken spokesman John Paul Schuirink said to the Wall Street Journal:

“The deal with Google will mainly focus on distributing our commercials on YouTube, in order to reach our target groups of 20-somethings, but will also include promotions such as banners on Google,”

Why is this a Big Deal?

There are two reasons why this deal, which is said to be a multimillion-euro, multi-country deal, is important.

First of all it shows that the big brands like Heineken are taking the web seriously. Finally they are spending some more of their budget money online and in the right way: targeted.

Which immediately opens up the second reason why this is important: targeting. Google has always been able to give their advertisers targeting options. But they are taking this a step further now, by actually giving Heineken access to their data.

Henrique de Castro, Google’s vice-president of global media and platforms told the Financial Times:

“We will work with Heineken on providing incremental reach on target audiences and compare these across different media types,”

This opens up new business possibilities for Google. They are no longer ‘just’ going for the ads based on clicks, they are making deals with big brands who want to spend a lot more money at once.

“We expect innovative brands like Heineken to take the opportunity to lever partnerships with us to build their capability and innovate.”, De Castro also told the Financial Times.

Google has opened up a new resource of money.


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