Mobilisation of the Nation

Mobilisation of the Nation

19th October 2012

Consider the world pre- and post- the mobile phone. Consider what changes have taken place just in your individual usage of that device in your pocket. It’s true that consumer confidence for mobile is growing rapidly, just compare mobile adoption rates to that of the Internet.

With the mobile consumer behaviour evolving faster than the mobile environment, simple enhancements to the mobile purchase journey can see great improvements. We are all aware of this as online marketers, but how do we capitalise on this? Below are some key takeaways from the ‘mobilisation of the nation’ session at A4U Expo in London, 2012.

This talk was based on a the results of two surveys conducted by TradeDoubler:

  • Mobile commerce research carried out in May 2012 in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden.
  • One of 2000 mobile users across the UK and Ireland, carried out in September 2012


Key Mobile Facts & Figures

  • Smartphones are used by 51.3% of mobile users in the UK (December 2011)
  • Mobile is massively disruptive and already influencing the purchase journey – 71% of people research and 52% purchase via mobile
  • Forrester predicted that globally the app market will be worth $38 billion by 2013
  • Mobile acts as a second screen, used while at home in front of the TV/laptop and also when out and about on the highstreet
  • A comparison of research vs. purchase is interesting showing big differences between sectors – for some industries it should be even higher amount of your technology considerations/marketing spend
Research Vs. Purchase on Mobile
“The impact mobile will have on the overall shopping experience will be much more significant as consumers increasingly turn to their phones to inform both online and offline purchases” (EU Mobile Commerce Forecast 2012-2017, Forrester Research Inc)

Jessops & VoucherCloud: a Mobile Case Study


  • One of Jessops main sources of mobile traffic is search traffic, although not many are buying on mobile yet
  • Split this out mobile in PPC and develop a mobile friendly presence
  • Optimise for mobile (UX)
  • Don’t forget universal optimisation to create richer, engaging media that mobile users are more likely to interact with

Jessops Quidco Mobile Deal Results


  • 3 million users (downloads) to date
  • Roughly 50/50 split male/female (most other voucher apps are female skew)
  • Retail (300%) & home and gardening (700%) sections have grown massively over the past year
  • Technology increase and adoption has caused a rise in the usage of apps on mobile. A lot more merchants out there are doing far more multi-channel offers at the moment, especially including mobile; or at least they’re looking towards mobile with an aim to do this…
  • If you’re a national merchant then consider launching the discount to all stores, not just individual stores – going too niche will limit your users and the uptake of the deal.
VoucherCloud BodyShop Mobile Deal Results

Capitalising on the Fragmentation of Digital Platforms

Users habits have changed and fragmented, they change the platforms that they’re using frequently. The very nature of use has changed. Tracking is critical (without getting this on board you can’t do anything with affiliate).

Fragmentation of Digital Platforms

  • Merchants need strategies for engaging potential buyers
  • Vary the metrics you report on based on required outcomes
  • Use a range of incentives: voucher codes, mobile/loyalty discounts
  • Faciliate price comparison
  • Deliver reviews and product info, consider also, using mobile to acquire reviews to use with rich snippets
  • Provide location-based offers

There are new opportunities for using mobile to drive in store conversions. Individuals are platform and device neutral, so give the user the choice of whether to convert in-store or via mobile, this will increase conversions and opportunity to convert.

Consider the Risks Associated with Mobile

Mobile buyers would be more likely to purchase if:

  • M-commerce was more secure (58%)
  • Their phone number remained private (59%) – People still treat their mobile phone number as an intimate piece of information, far more than their emails.
  • Think about your full mobile website experience, not just your homepage but also: contact forms; ‘how to find us’ location pages; check out process; payment options

Key Takeaways

  • Review the value of your customer based on channel – is mobile important for you?
  • Use analytics > mobile visitors report to see how many users are accessing via mobile devices
  • Use data to fight for budget – mobile optimisation can be pricey, prove the potential
  • Think about who’s budget it should come out of
  • Check your mobile basket abandonment rate in Google Analytics
  • Keep it simple with discountssimple percentage/money off vouchers work! Don’t over complicate it
  • Optimise your presence, not just your homepage but your full mobile website experience: contact forms; ‘how to find us’ location pages; check out process; payment options
  • “Low and high ticket items are equally likely to be researched on mobile, but lower ticket items are more likely to convert.”
  • Don’t leave it too late!


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