Choosing a Social Media Platform: How to Find the Most Effective

Choosing a Social Media Channel is not always easy. There are so many to choose from! Which one is the most effective for your business? Now this can differ from one business to another off course, but this infographic below at least gives you a starting point.



Bas van den Beld

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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.

6 thoughts on “Choosing a Social Media Platform: How to Find the Most Effective

  1. Facebook rings up positive scores across the board Bas. Impressive. I move toward twitter these days but keep a Facebook presence because of this smash up IG. If we work a few social channels and focus heavily on one we’ll find the effect social site for our target audience.

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  2. Great IG. I would say that for potential reach the graphic is correct for Facebook, but in terms of real reach, because of its crazy algorithms, Facebook drops considerably, unless you pay them money, a lot of money.

  3. The advantage that social media platforms offers is that
    they provide good referral traffic, they act as a platform to grow some good
    networks etc. But at the same time, there is sure a confusion about which
    social media sites to use the most.

    Like mentioned in the article, choosing the right one is not
    an easy task. Just choosing anyone won’t just do. The point is to select the
    one that is the most effective and useful.

    The infographic shown in the article is so full of
    information! Just going by the numbers, it is evident that Facebook emerges the
    winner. But looking at the SEO aspect, YouTube, Google + etc are the best.

    And selecting the right social media platform based on the
    skill that one possesses is also great. The infographic showed exactly that
    which social site demands what skill to use it well.

    A good infographic indeed! Selecting the right social media
    site, which will be an effective one, is certainly made easy, thanks to it.

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  4. the most interesting thing for me was Youtubes audience age versus the possible objectives of social marketing campaigns, it’s certainly helped with my B2B marketing strategy so thank you for a great post

  5. As an a social media audience..there is a lot of spam and not verified thinks ..
    But due to your infographic ..I can easily didnt get confused.
    Thank you

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