My Moment of 2012: Will Critchlow, Roy Huiskes, Andy Betts, Jane Copland and Matt Roberts

My Moment of 2012: Will Critchlow, Roy Huiskes, Andy Betts, Jane Copland and Matt Roberts

24th December 2012

The end of 2012 is getting closer and closer. Here on State of Search we like good stories and we like to let our friends talk. And our friends have got stories!

So this year we asked our friends and bloggers what their moment for 2012 was and what their wishes for 2013 are. Going up to the New Year we will tell you what the best moments of our friends were and around the New Year we will show you what they wished for. Towards the end you will hear from our bloggers.

Today it is time for the third group! Read what Will Critchlow, Roy Huiskes, Andy Betts, Jane Copland and Matt Roberts have to say!My-Moment-2012-will-critchlow

Will Critchlow, Global Associate at SEOmoz, Founder at Distilled

“Well, my son was born and my daughter turned 2. Both of those things rocked. On a work front, I’d probably have to go with launching and growing DistilledU. When we announced the public beta back in June, I wrote about my vision for a product that drove Distilled to get better at training and developing our own people. It’s been nice for me to get a chance to work with my colleagues across the company and across our three offices and 8 timezones to put together the content.

Sometimes it feels like incredibly slow progress, but just six months later, we have a fully-functioning platform with hundreds of paying members and thousands of free users (I wrote an update recently). We are now focussing on filling in the gaps and I’m starting to see Distilled people get value from the platform as well and that makes me happy.”


Roy Huiskes, Online Marketer at

“2012 was again a year with ups and downs. I’d love doing the show with Bas, but it was getting a real pain in the planning (for lack of a better word) of both of us. So we decided to take a break, which resulted in dropping the show. The time with Bas on air is something I’ll always remember and hold dear. From a personal perspective a lot of small stuff happened, one of the things is that I decided to spend more quality time with the boys, which resulted in doing more cool things outside of work. I’ve also spend a good amount of time near the waters, hunting for some pike, walleye and perch.”


Andy Betts, Marketing & Strategy Consultant

“My moment of 2012 was really a collection of moments from my working trips across the USA. Meeting people and getting new perspectives on search and digital, content and marketing was a highlight. I was lucky to get the chance to meet some of World’s leading brands and organize Share 12 in San Francisco. Working with brands such as Adobe, Facebook, Twitter, Macy’s, Salesforce (and Dreamforce) and 3M and SEW was inspiring. Meeting people at events such as SES, SMX and Pubcon inspired lots of writing and lots of content for myself and as a ghost writer. Whilst in the USA i also got chance to spend time and interview Danny Sullivan and Mike Grehan which was a key highlight. On a personal level – playing golf at the Presido overlooking San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge was fantastic. I can’t wait to travel again. Seeing Bas is always a highlight also – of course ! :)”


Jane Copland, SEO Consultant at Ayima

“My moment” of 2012 would have to be how proud I am of Ayima during a year where the longevity and sustainability of SEO techniques was put to the test. We have spent a lot of time testing, analysing data both as a team and as individual consultants, and then more time discussing what our results mean and what this means for the future. Some of our most important discussions and analyses took place in 2009 and 2010, and I’m delighted about how much these folks’ hard work has meant. I’m very proud of the SEO team here – one that has grown a lot even in the last twelve months. 2012 is a good year to be compiling successful end of year reports.”


Matt Roberts, VP Product / Marketing at Linkdex

“The search industry continues to amaze me. My moment of 2012 was sitting in the Content Marketing Show organized by Kelvin Newman and realizing how quickly the search industry had evolved in a short amount of time, and how much I enjoy being part of the industry. These are truly exciting times.”

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