My Moment of 2012: Andrew Girdwood, Murray Newlands, Judith Lewis, Greg Jarboe and Nicky Wake

My Moment of 2012: Andrew Girdwood, Murray Newlands, Judith Lewis, Greg Jarboe and Nicky Wake

27th December 2012

The end of 2012 is almost there! Here on State of Search we like stories and we like our friends. Put the two together and you have the perfect mix for some great stories.

This year we asked our friends and bloggers what their moment for 2012 was and what their wishes for 2013 are. Going up to the New Year we will tell you what the best moments of our friends were and around the New Year we will show you what they wished for. Towards the end you will hear from our bloggers.

Today it is time for the third group! Read what Andrew Girdwood, Murray Newlands, Judith Lewis, Greg Jarboe and Nicky Wake have to say:


Andrew Girdwood, Media Innovations Director, LBi

“My personal business moment of 2012 would have to be the news that LBi was to be acquired by Publicis Groupe. I’ve done search and social for years and remember the first group of SEOs chatting on Usenet about the various sites they were working on and what was happening with them. This was SEO as an obscure hobby. It was also social except we did not use that phrase. Over the years my hobby transformed into a cottage industry, became a business, started getting mentioned on the TV, became big business and is now the beating heart of a digital advertising revolution.

Publicis Groupe has an excellent record and is the parent to many fantastic agencies. It is an industry leader with its head on right. It’s good to have such a strong outcome after months of rumours and many years of hard work.”


Murray Newlands, TV Host and Executive Editor at Performance Marketing Insider

“My moment of 2012 was when I realized Facebook was going to start offering you the ability to promote your personal posts or to put it another way charge you for talking with your friends. I see this as the beginning of the end for Facebook. People are willing to sell their data but super users who power lots of the interaction on Facebook will start to engage elsewhere.


I have personally been doing more and more video work and would like to see one of the video social networks grow to really take on Facebook and Twitter.”


Judith Lewis, Founder Bynd

“2012 was a year of massive unrest in the search world and for me personally. I lost my grandfather and my mother-in-law while I was still reeling from losing my grandmother. There was a birth just after the loss of my grandpa which helped but the most turmoil seemed to come from the search community and particularly those who had come to depend on a single type of ‘marketing’. I think, for me, 2012 was hopefully the turning point in the search community when, faced with almost apocalyptic algorithm changes (if some were to be believed), SEOs suddenly realised that what people like me had been doing (and talking about) for years was back in fashion. Oh, and @MCHammer followed me on my @MostlyAboutChoc account – RESULT!


Since its beginnings in 1996, SEO has been about creating connections between relevant websites, creating a site with content people want to share and come back to and with something to sell or somehow add value to the experience. Yes, since then the web has filled up with spammers, thin affiliates and get rich quick schemes but the basics have always stood firm. I hope that 2012 demonstrated with Penguin, Panda, Knowledge Graph, Venice and Google + that the increased focus on single techniques to affect search results was not only not viable in the long term but also potentially damaging.”


Greg Jarboe, President and co-founder, SEO-PR

“My business moment was captured by Evan Carmichael on June 12, 2012, in a post on The Entrepreneur Blog entitled, “The many faces of @gregjarboe #SESTO.” In a dozen photos, Evan tells a story about my presentation at the “Developing a Video Optimization & Marketing Campaign” session at SES Toronto 2012 that would take other bloggers thousands of words to tell.


My personal moment was the birth of Maren Riccobene Jarboe, my first grandchild, on Oct. 8, 2012. I told Maren the story of the 2004 American League Championship Series and she promptly fell asleep. According to Klout, this photo captures one of my “influential moments” from the past 90 days. Both of these moments illustrate the importance of images in both search and social.”


Nicky Wake, MD, Don’t Panic Event Management

“As an event management agency we’re involved in numerous awards competitions however our moment of 2012 was definitely a trip to Amsterdam in July to host the inaugural European Search Awards. It was our first event outside the UK and amazingly we managed to transport everything we needed by hand luggage despite some suspiciously wrapped blocks of Perspex!


The awards followed the hugely successful UK Search Awards we launched in 2011 to celebrate the talent and achievements of those working in our search & digital marketing industry.”

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