My Moment for 2012: Aaron Wall, Andre Scholten, Kristjan Hauksson, Motoko Hunt and Jon Henshaw

My Moment for 2012: Aaron Wall, Andre Scholten, Kristjan Hauksson, Motoko Hunt and Jon Henshaw

31st December 2012

It is the last day of the year! Which means we are almost done with looking back, but today we keep looking back on 2012 with our friends and bloggers.

This year we asked our friends and bloggers what their moment for 2012 was and what their wishes for 2013 are. You have seen many moments come by already and this is the final one from our friends, but we have our bloggers to end with!

Today in this last group: Aaron Wall, Andre Scholten, Kristjan Hauksson, Motoko Hunt and Jon HenshawMy-Moment-2012-aaron-wall

Aaron Wall, Founder SEOBook

“My biggest moment of 2012 was when I think I popped my knee out of socket. Since then I have been more focused on exercising daily, as if your health goes money doesn’t really have much value … especially if you are still somewhat young and are sitting around broken. The big issue with that is the more I exercise the better I feel, but the harder I find it to work 16 hour days. I am not sure if it is the general instability of the search ecosystem that has been introduced over the past year or my daily exercising, but I have been finding it a bit harder to stay focused & my drive has took a bit of a hit.”


Andre Scholten, Google Analytics, Site speed and SEO specialist at Andre Scholten

“2012 for me is all about the start of my own business. I had a very good time with my former employer, but I needed to start doing things my own way. And already after a few weeks I had my ‘moment’ of 2012: I saw that a lot of companies needed the quick help I could deliver, from 10 minutes to a few days. That day I knew it would be a very busy year. Right now, looking back, I helped more than 90 clients that needed some kind of flexible help. So there is and was definitely a need for specialized help on a flexible basis, and I was happy to fulfill those needs.


Is this a way the market is heading? I don’t think so. There will always be the need for a strong partner that helps companies doing their online stuff on a more regular basis. But now and then they also need the help of a specialist ;)”


Kristjan Hauksson, Director of Internet Marketing at Nordic eMarketing

“My moment was being a judge at the European Search Awards and realizing yet again how great it is to be in the industry we are in and how many creative and talented people are in this industry.”


Motoko Hunt, President – Search Marketing Strategist at

“Including SEO, the search marketing is typically viewed as something you contract out to agencies for them to manage in Japan and most of countries in Asia. It’s been one of my objectives to educate the brands in that region about the search marketing so that they can make the smart decisions in selecting agencies and/or to manage & control their marketing strategies.


On September 22, I gave a presentation to 350 In-House search marketers in Tokyo, feeling that the tide is definitely changing in Japan. It was wonderful to see that the brands were taking the ownership in their SEO and SEM projects.”


Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Raven Tools

“Being an entrepreneur and growing a business can be stressful to say the least. The first several years of building up Raven involved lots of networking, lots of drinking and very little sleep. This took a toll on my body, and at the beginning of this year I decided I was tired of feeling like crap. So I started going to a personal trainer to get myself back into shape and to feel healthy again. I’ve been at it for almost a full year now, and I haven’t felt this good since my early 20s (I’m 39 now). I have more energy and my mind feels much sharper.

Since I’m almost always thinking about online marketing, I came up with the idea for a funny video during a cardio-boxing workout. I was mainly kidding around, but they really liked the idea, so they made it. Little did I know I would be starring in it. Here’s the end result…


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