Nathalie Nahai: “Web Psychology is exciting and shows so much promise”

Nathalie Nahai: “Web Psychology is exciting and shows so much promise”

7th April 2014


In the past week I had the opportunity to sit down and via Skype have a long chat with Nathalie Nahai, web psychologist. Nathalie is one of the fastest rising stars in digital marketing and has done many things: she has written a book, she speaks at different conferences and hosts several training courses and webinars, all around the topic of web psychology.

Next month Nathalie features on the Chinwag Psych London 2014 conference, which looks at Behavioural Science for Business. Simply said: it is about Psychology, Neuroscience, Behavioural Economics. Applied.

Listen to our talk in the video below:

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What Nathalie said

Here are some quotes from Nathalie from the talk:

[Tweet “Personality differences influence the way we behave online – @TheWebPsych”]

[Tweet “Web Psychology is exciting and shows so much promise – @TheWebPsych”]

[Tweet “Companies with academic background do well. Everyone else needs to catch up- @TheWebPsych”]

[Tweet “I always aim to walk to the talk and practice what I preach – @TheWebPsych”]

[Tweet “Web Psychology takes a much more holistic approach than Conversion Optimisation – @TheWebPsych”]

[Tweet “Personalisation will be extremely powerful when it taps into personality differences – @TheWebPsych”]

[Tweet “When it comes to privacy matters it’s actually worse than we anticipated – @TheWebPsych”]

[Tweet “It’s not about having nothing to hide, but about data getting in the wrong hands – @TheWebPsych”]

[Tweet “You need to research your audience – @TheWebPsych”]


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