Navigating Through State of Digital

Navigating Through State of Digital

1st September 2013

Welcome to State of Digital! The successor of State of Search! If you were a fan of State of Search (weren’t we all?) you will be happy to know that all the great content and all the great authors are still here! And even better: that great content is now not only expanded, it is also made more easily available.

Since it is always difficult to find your way in new places, we thought (even though much on this site comes natural) we would give you a little tour of the website, so you know exactly where to go and navigate to find exactly the content that will help you take the next steps in digital marketing!

Content fit for you

As described in the article about the philosophy behind State of Digital we aim to give you content which fits your needs. Therefore we have given you some filter options which will make sure you find that content.

Filter your content

advanced_searchLet’s start on a natural place: on the top left side of the homepage you can find a block called “Advanced Search”. You will see many changes coming in this block in the future which will enhance your personalised experience but at this point it will help you filter content. There are three options how you can filter the content on State of Digital:

By Categories: State of Digital has several categories which will help you find content in a way you are used to: by topics. Are you interested in SEO? Or do you prefer articles about advertising, content marketing or maybe Social Media Marketing? Use the filter and find the articles written about these and other topics.

By Job Categories: Now this is a special one and  completely different from something you have ever seen. Most articles come by topic, but we found that not every article is most fit-able for anyone, even if the topic is the same. An SEO Account Manager will look at things differently than a Technical SEO for example, even though they are both interested in SEO. Pick your job role and start filtering. Soon you will also be able to filter multiple job roles in one. For now just pick yours, or the one of your boss so you can show him all the stuff you already know ;).

By Post Type: Finally you can filter on post type. These are special articles which also are featured in our Knowledge Bank. Here you can find guides, whitepapers, research and more.

Note that we are still adding articles to each of these different filter types so the content you can find will keep on growing!

Just give me the latest and best!

Don’t want to filter just yet? Are you simply looking for the latest or most popular content? Well you can find it in different places! On the homepage there is a slider showing you the hottest posts of the moment where in the right column you can find all the latest articles as well as the best read articles in the last thirty days. But don’t forget our blog page! You can find all the latest articles and be sure to keep scrolling down, it just keeps on going!

articles-homeBlog   State of Digital

Our Knowledge Bank

Our Knowledge Bank plays a huge role on the website. Here you can find in depth information which will help you go forward in your digital marketing efforts. The Knowledge Bank has different types of content so everybody will have something of their liking. Have you been looking for a great example? Try finding case studies. Do you want more in depth material? Check some of the whitepapers which are written by us and our partners. Or do you prefer the spoken word? No problem, State of Digital will be doing hangouts on specific topics and webinars you can register for.



As you were used to on State of Search, State of Digital will also pay a lot of attention to industry events. You can find the upcoming events on the homepage in the left sidebar, below the advanced search. And there are the special event pages which will show you the upcoming events and all its details, but also the past events and links to all articles written around these events.

You can even filter the events based on the topics like Social Media, Search or Content Marketing for example.


Our blogging team!

Finally there is one page you cannot miss: our blogging team! The team which brings you all this great and valuable content. You can find all of them, as well as those who have been writing in the past, on the bloggers overview page. Here you can pick a specific blogger and find out what they do, follow their social profiles and what their latest articles are, which are presented in the right sidebar.

Bas_van_den_Beld_-_Founder_of_State_of_Digital Who_is_writing_for_State_of_Digital__Find_out_here_

What’s in store?

So this all looks great doesn’t it? And you know what? This is just the beginning! We have much more in store for you in the next few months. Like for example:

Responsive design: As soon as possible we will be showing you our great new website not just in web format, but in any format you can imagine. The designs for the responsive part of the website are ready to be implemented. Just wait to be wow-ed!

Further filtering: More articles will be added to the filters and more filtering possibilities will be added.

More knowledge bank material: new whitepapers, new case studies and new webinars and hangouts are coming soon!

This and much more will be coming soon. We are not going to reveal all, just keep coming back to us. Make sure to connect to our social channels here and we’ll keep you up to date!


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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