New Media Ads in Adwords target movie and TV ad makers

New Media Ads in Adwords target movie and TV ad makers

28th March 2011

Things are merging more and more in Google. We have Universal Search and within the Ads we already had display off course. And in the past year Google has launched many new ad formats. Now Google ads another very important new format into the ads: video. So called “Media Ads” will be appearing in the paid ads. Simply speaking we will see videos.

You will see a video player in the results which will expand when you click it. The video ad will then take over the Google search page and play.

The new way of ads is not like Video Extensions, which Google has had longer. Where Video Extensions attaches a video player to the Adwords as, Media Ads is a “standalone format designed to put your videos front and center.” In other words: you are throwing the videos in the face of the searchers.

Google says the mead ads are a new way “to target, pay for, and experience video ads on”. That means that unlink the regular Adwords the targeting is automated. You don’t pick a keyword, Google decides for you.

What is also different is the way you are paying for the ads. It is not bidding, but a flat rate. Google says it makes it easier for you to budget, but in fact it looks like this is a move from Google to get a part of the cut of the money which the large media buyers are spending. They tend to work with flat fees more than the bidding. Plus the videos are much more aimed at movies and for example TV shows which makes the target audience different also: movie and TV ad makers.


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