New Year’s Day 2013 Google Logo

New Year’s Day 2013 Google Logo

1st January 2013

Good Morning and Happy New Year everyone!

Today on the homepage of Google, like every year on the first since 1999, a doodle to start the new year that lies before us. The logo that you see today is following up the party logo that was placed yesterday for New Year’s Eve. In the logo from yesterday Google highlighted a few logos made in 2012 by putting them all in a living room.

I’ve made a  graphic to highlight all the logos used in the doodle yesterday. For example at the right you can see the Star Trek Enterprise referring to the interactive doodle placed early September. Another logo used is the one for Earth Day from April last year and at the bottom right you can see the synthesizer invented by Robert Moog (also in the top 10 doodles of 2012).

All names used in the doodle combined it makes a really special and interesting party.


In the logo from today you can see the party is over and almost everyone has left, except for The Thinker made by Auguste Rodin, the sculpture is still sitting behind the computer starring to the same screen as yesterday, but I guess it’s hard for a sculpture to move and go home :-).

The letters from the word ‘Google’ are cleaning up the mess and the Enterprise has flown away. At the bottom you can see the wolf from the fairy tale Little Red Cap silently asleep.

I’m looking forward to see more great doodles appearing this year!



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