News near you: local, mobile and personal integrated by Google

News near you: local, mobile and personal integrated by Google

14th May 2011

Yet again Google has launched a new feature. And again it seems to be part of their bigger strategy which has to lead to a more social like Google: news near you. If you are an Android or iPhone user living in the US you can now go to and you will be prompted with a request to share your location. If you accept, “news near you” will be available.

The feature was introduced by Google News Product Manager Navneet Singh. The new service from Google lets you see news from the location your phone tells you where you are. You can personalize it further on the personalization page where you can determine whether you want news on specific topics.

If you don’t want it you can turn it off by hiding the section in your personalization settings or by adjusting your mobile browser settings.

The new feature is perfectly in line with the steps Google has been taking the past years with the integration of social search where local, personalization and mobile are target areas on which Google focusses.


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