Nokia’s Digital Transformation – Chris Schaumann

Nokia’s Digital Transformation – Chris Schaumann

28th March 2014

Consumers have changed and so has marketing. The pace of change is accelerating, putting more pressure on organisations to embrace this new Digital Reality and transform the way they market. Nokia has been at the forefront of this change by leveraging Digital Media and new ways of Marketing to engage consumers in meaningful ways. Transforming Nokia’s Marketing Organisation successfully required a comprehensive global program utilising all relevant levers to drive this change. This presentation gave insights around the latest marketing trends and the successful approach Nokia has taken to adopt to this new Digital Reality.

Chris Schaumann Nokia

Speaker Profile:

Chris Schaumann (VP of Digital Marketing & CRM, Nokia)

Chris used to work as Global Advertising & Digital Lead for the Asia Pacific/Greater China Region in Microsoft’s Worldwide Corporate Marketing Group, before he joined Nokia in October 2009 first as regional Head of Consumer Engagement for Southeast Asia and Pacific and today works as ‘VP, Digital Marketing & CRM, Nokia’ in London.


Chris began his talk echoing many of the others speakers excitement to be in Iceland, his love for the culture, his desire to always want to travel here (which he now has, thanks to RIMC!) and within an hour of arriving he had already taken part on a whale watching tour!

The Makeup of Society is Changing. It’s Becoming Digital.

Chris highlighted the difference in events these days, while 9 years ago you would see crowds of people simply viewing. Todays world is now viewed through a smartphone camera lens. He shared this amusing advert from Microsoft.

Nokia are in an interesting position leading up to their upcoming acquisition from Microsoft

As VP of Digital Marketing Chris 4 teams in his group:

  • Social media team – >50 million followers
  • Ecommerce team – Maintain 75 websites
  • CRM team – 1,000,000+ Nokia users
  • Digital marketing team – they run the campaigns, media buying and performance and measurement.

What’s exciting now is that Nokia are spending more on digital marketing than any other channels. Even more interesting is that over 15% of this digital marketing is on mobile and rising. It’s where their customers are.

“All media will eventually go digital. The question is not what if, the question is how fast.”

We’re Overwhelmed by Advertising

Almost 3 billion Internet users today. We’re overwhelmed by the amount of advertising  we encounter constantly day-to-day. In the developed world some sources say that we see 5000 advertising messages every day.

The questions that you need to ask yourself is:

  • How do you stand out?
  • How do you make a meaningful connection with your customers?

Digital is the answer

You can target this incredibly focused way, you can: serve the right ad at the right time, with the right message, in the right location.

Mobile First

Fundamentally different than digital first. Chris discussed how he has witnessed rich mobile advertising serving even better than search advertising.

Rich Mobile Ads

3 Main Points: Why Mobile First?

  1. It’s very cost effective to do mobile advertising.
  2. The mobile phone is naturally used in the downtime moment (willing to be distracted), not when you are task focused (unwilling to be distracted).
  3. Exclusive environment that you get when you advertise on mobile.

Technically Supporting Multi-Device Compatibility

Nokia understood this in a technical sense. They designed the biggest HTML5 responsive roll-out ever, with

HTML5 Nokia Roll Out

Video: An Opportunity

There exists a huge video ad opportunity online.

  • When you think about the entire TV content worldwide, about one quarter (25%) of this is advertising.
  • When you compare this to the sheer volume on video content online, there is only 1.5% ads in this online video environment.
  • The gap between these figures is HUGE

Digital supports this opportunity and the attractiveness of it, by allowing you to only pay on a performance basis (pay-per-view) this differentiates it from the old fashioned, blanket buying of traditional media and TV advertising.

Storytelling in Advertising

Storytelling is a big part of advertising, the context is important here. Digital allows us to focus the target of your video advertising to support this much better. Targeting people in a time/place/frame of mind that support this story, that tells it in a way that resonates with the customer.

Digital Media Inventory Trends

Digital Media Trends Slide

Think of these ads and placements as a stock exchange market, supported by a very intelligent and multi-faceted, complex ecosystem.

  • In the US already a 25% of digital advertising is being brought programatically.

Access to Information: Change of Pace

210 Years of Information

Culture and society has fundamentally changed in how we access information. The interesting thing here is the scale that this is set on has changed, when we extend the axis to show this access to information over a less condensed format, we see the following:

210 Years of Information Slide

With social media you no longer find news, the news finds you.

LinkedIn Today

A great examples of this is LinkedIn today. Self confessed this is one of the best news sources that Chris has ever seen, because it’s created by what his network finds interesting:

LinkedIn Today

The notion of realtime marketing is becoming more and more important. We react very quickly with things that happen on the Internet and you capitalise on this as and when it happens.

A great example of this is Nokia that topped the most retweeted post by a brand (at that time) when they tweeted about the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5C:

Nokia Tweet
Imitation is the best form of flattery

The pace of these changes that we witness is increasingly. The biggest challenge for all of us as marketers, and us as individuals, is change


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