Off Page Optimisation: Successful Link Development

Off Page Optimisation: Successful Link Development

22nd September 2011

I’ve spent the past few days in the motherland (Norway for those of you that don’t know I’m a Viking…how could you have missed it). This is the second time I’ve spoken at SEM Konferansen and it’s fantastic to see the growth in the search market both from an interest in search and number of agencies popping up since the last time I was here. It’s such a great conference to attend and INMA (the Norwegian IAB) does a great job at organising a really good quality conference, in fact I believe a few of the larger conference series could learn a thing or two from these guys. Well done Ola!

Norway is relatively new onto the SEO scene and for me, as a proud Norwegian, it’s very important that my fellow Norwegians gets it right from the word go. So this time I chose to speak about Successful Link Development. I actually changed the title to Successful Off Page Optimisation in the end as I wante to include social signals, as in my opinion this will be more and more important going forward, we are not only building links but mentions. As a self proclaimed white hat, I do white hat link development (maybe the occasional grey) and although my black hat friends might say this is naive, it works, we’ve done very successful link development with the techniques showed in this presentation. Link development doens’t always need to be shady, it’s simply a way of marketing your site with the purpose of generating links as well as traffic. Unless you do SEO for one of the 3 P’s, or insurance keyterms for example, where I think it’s difficult to get top rankings without maybe buying a link or two.  In the presentation below I’ve shared Verve Searches most used link development techniques, given a few examples and given a picture of the results. To contriary belief, link devleopment doesn’t need to be difficult, often there are opportunities to be had that are quite easy to negotiate.

Another part of link development that is thought of as being challenging and requires extensive SEO experience is link analysis and link development management. I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with one of the co-founders of Linkdex (the very clever and inspirational Matt Roberts) and he’s introduced me to a whole new way of simplyfying the process. In the presentation I shared some of the ways we’ve been using Linkdex to analyse competitors links, finding opportunities and maybe most importantly ways of streamlining our findings of competitors link development straight into a link development task manager. I’m already a big fan.

Lastly I chose a Norwegian brand that I knew was going to attend the conference and used their site as an example. I went through and analysed their links for their site and theircompetirs, identified where the opportunities lied for them and outlined a few link development ideas including; link reclamation, link baiting and social baiting ideas. Lastly I suggested a long term expansion to their site that would organically increase their link equity considerably.

So have a look through the presentation and please feel free to share your thoughts and experience on link development.


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Lisa Myers runs her own SEO & Social Media Agency; Verve Search based in London (UK). She is also founder of the SEO blog; and was co-founder of State of Search.
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