Oh My Klout has Dropped! Who cares, Klout is for the Lazy People

Oh My Klout has Dropped! Who cares, Klout is for the Lazy People

16th November 2011

Ever since Social Media became main stream people have discovered the principle of “influentials’. Probably not realizing that the influentials have always been there. Even in the stone ages people did stuff because other people influenced them. And that hasn’t changed. What has changed is that we can now measure these influences. Or at least, we think we can.

A good example of that is Klout. The service which looks at how people interact on Social Media. The good thing about Klout was (yes, was) that it didn’t just look at number of followers or number of likes. It looked at the conversation. Or so it said. Recently Klout decided to change some of their algorithm.

The change meant that many people suddenly lost a lot of their Klout-scores. They dropped like crazy, yes mine did too (not the reason for this post). And the drop meant outrage: people didn’t, and still, don’t understand. “Why did my Klout score drop?” People actually think Klout is broken:

It is not broken. It is changed. And it is useless.

Klout is for the lazy people

I have played with Klout for a while, I even found a way to get my scores up. But it also meant that when I would stop doing that my scores would drop like crazy.

I just want to do a bit of a call out to everybody: stop focussing on services like Klout. It is useless, because it will never be an accurate measurement tool. My dad is not on Klout, still he is very influential in his area. But because he doesn’t have a Klout score, does that make him less valuable?

Go out there and look for the actual influentials. By checking people, by actually looking at what they are doing and figuring out whether or not they can be useful to you and your target audience. Find those who work hard and make a difference, not those who simply have the loudest voice. Klout is for the lazy people.


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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