Get One SEO Tip A Day and Help Give More

Get One SEO Tip A Day and Help Give More

8th October 2012

State of Search is going to give you the ultimate overview of SEO tips in the world. Coming from the entire blogging team and with your help we will create the best list ever.

SEO is changing, Google is using different metrics than 10 years ago, people search in different places and people are behaving differently. Every now and then this means we get to see posts proclaiming ‘the death of SEO’ in one way or another. The truth is: SEO is far from dead, the opposite actually, it is just turning into a ‘real’ part of the marketing funnel. It is being taken out of its corner and integrated into proper marketing.

But still, with all the changes that are going on, there is a lot of ‘elementary SEO’ you can do. I would almost call it ‘basic’, but in fact it is more than just basic. It is elements which are part of optimising your content on your website we all need to do. Relatively simple things you can do to make your content more visible to search engines and thus to the people searching for answers.

There are many elements like that and State of Search has decided to help you, your clients, your friends or anyone who needs it to get a grip on these specific elements. And we are not going to just publish a list of “SEO 101s” here on the site, no we are doing things differently.

What we are doing: Not just another big list

As said, we are not just publishing another big list of 101 tips, although to be honest, in the end it will be a big list of course. We are going to give you one tip each day, not here on the site, but on our Facebook page and if we can we will also try to update it daily on our Google+ page. One tip a day, at 14.30 UK time, 15.30 European time, 9.30 New York time.

A tip which you can show how important it is (the more likes or +1s the more important the tip is according to you) or which you can instantly share with the ones you believe need to know it. The tips you are getting are gathered by the State of Search blogging team, which means that it is the smartest minds in the industry giving you tips!

We will gather all the tips on our special SEO Tips page here on the site and once a month we will do a wrap up of all the tips we (and you!?) gave out that month, showing which ones you believe are important. And at the end of the year we have something else up our sleeves.

Have a tip of your own?

Do you think there are tips which should be in there? Well let us know, send us the tip here, and help us create the ultimate list.

Want to see the tips?

Make sure you follow our our Facebook page (by liking the page) and / or put our Google+ page in one of your circles.


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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