Optimising or optimizing for videos on YouTube: Greg Jarboe explains

Optimising or optimizing for videos on YouTube: Greg Jarboe explains

17th August 2011

The International Search Summit is a conference which has a focus which you don’t find on many conferences: international, the title already says it. Its amazing how little this subject is addressed on the larger conferences. It made Andy Atkins Kruger, an international search expert, start his own conference.

On the day there were many good speakers addressing all different topics. In the morning we saw Steve Capone of Nokia addressing the different international challenges Nokia faces, followed by a great presentation from Mark Neal from Armagard. The second part of the day saw speakers Anne Kennedy, replacing Shari Turow about Website Usability and Gillian Muessig about search in India.

The one presentation I’d like to highlight here is the presentation by Greg Jarboe. After Bruce Daisley of YouTube opened the afternoon with an overview of YouTubes growth Greg talked about video optimization, a growing profession with the growing number of videos online.

Greg Jarboe explains about optimizing for videos on YouTube

Greg Jarboe is president and co-founder of SEO-PR, which provides search engine optimization, public relations, social media and video marketing services. He’s the author of YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day and one of the people profiled in Michael Miller’s book, Online Marketing Heroes: Interviews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus.

He started of by showing again the importance of video. After some examples of the differences in language between US and the UK, with “optimizing” and “optimising” as a recurring example, he explains that YouTube is a great way to get different cultures together. But you need to optimize for the right language because there are so many videos out there.

Over 5.5 billion videos were viewed online in the U.K. in February 2010, now there’s a number. He then goes into the importance of optimizing the videos. In that text remains important since the way YouTube is spidering the videos is still very much related to text.

Jarboe gives out a couple of tips on how to optimize the text around your videos. A great tool to help with that is the YouTube Keyword Tool, which helps you get new ideas or type in a YouTube video’s ID.

How to get your videos discovered in search results

To get discovered in the search results Jarboe hands out a few tips:

Title: 120 characters

  • Think of your title as a headline
  • If you include brand name in title, it should go last

Description: 5,000 characters

  • Be as detailed as possible (short of entire transcript)
  • Include URLs (with http://) to Playlist or website

Tags: 120 characters

  • Be as detailed as possible
  • Include: Brand, city, topics

The fact that you can put in 5000 words is very much underrated. You can put in almost an entire article to get found. Use it!

Optimizing your video is not just important for the searches being done on YouTube. You will also find search results when the video you’ve watched ends, so its not just the searches which will help get your video watched.

Video is important!

The importance of optimizing your videos is rising by the minute. There are not only getting more and more videos online, more and more people are using video online. In the presentation before Jarboe Bruce Daisley explained that in 2013 90% of online traffic will be video traffic.

Update: video with Greg Jarboe

I had the chance to talk to Greg and tape a bit of it, below you find his tips about video ON video:


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