Organising Events, what it takes, a Hangout with Kelvin Newman and Laura Roth

This Google Hangout was part of the event week on State of Search. This time Bas was joined by Laura Roth, part of the organising team at SES and Kelvin Newman, organiser at Brighton SEO. In this hangout everything around organising an event was discussed: from what is difficult, to rivalry to how to create the perfect tracks that show exactly what the audience wants.

A very informative hangout on which Gemma Birch (International Search Summit) unfortunately couldn’t appear because of technical issues. Nonetheless, here is a very valuable hangout for organisers and attendees.

It’s Event Week on State of Search!

It’s event week on State of Search this week! We are looking at everything around events, looking forward to SES London and helping you make the best choices you can make when it comes to attending, speaking or choosing your events.
This week is sponsored by Marin Software

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