Panda Update Europe: More details on Germany and French Winners and Losers

Panda Update Europe: More details on Germany and French Winners and Losers

17th August 2011

Searchmetrics earlier this week responded quickly to the latest move from Google in their algorithm updates. The Panda Update which was rolled out World Wide and thus in Europe last week saw winners and losers in the different countries.

We already saw the list of Germany earlier this week, now Searchmetrics has released the list of winners and losers in France and is giving us more details on the winners and losers in Germany. It turns out that if you lose, you lose big and if you win, you only win a little. According to Searchmetrics visibility can go down to almost 99%, but winning only means a few percentages gain.

The reason for this ‘disruption’ is simpler than it looks. When somebody drops for example from spot 1 to spot 100, that doesn’t mean that number 100 jumps to number one. They will most likely go up only a few spots. Searchmetrics therefore says:

“The real winners from the Panda Update can only be identified relative to the movements of their direct competitors.”

Searchmetrics zooms into some of the different markets in Germany. There they look at relative winnings and losses. Because they look at this relatively you can get a better view on the actual winners in the categories. Take a look at some of the changes in some industries:

More details on the Searchmetrics blog

French winners and losers

Many have also been anxiously awaiting the numbers for France, which were the big winners and losers there? Searchmetrics also released those numbers today. Searchmetrics tells us that a similar group of sites like in Germany, US and the UK are affected. Google Panda seems to be consistent. There are however a few surprises.

Wikio is the biggest loser in France (-74%), which was to be expected, like the drop from Ciao (-62%). Idealo is one of the surprising losers (-39%), as is (-17%). In France it seems as if the news sites are more amongst the losers than the winners, which is very different from the countries which we saw before.

Find the biggest winners and losers below and check for the entire list and more analyses on Searchmetrics.

Top winners in France:

Domain current previous week change percentage 13543802 12507760 1036042 8,2832 1509738 986790 522948 52,9949 1196455 832853 363602 43,6574 3387201 3075252 311949 10,1439 1800710 1557517 243193 15,6141 888216 707475 180741 25,5473 451945 356083 95862 26,9213 279164 188570 90594 48,0426 334126 247747 86379 34,8658 535882 453334 82548 18,2091

Top losers in France

Domain current previous week change percentage 381590 1510346 -1128756 -74,7349 264959 702575 -437616 -62,2874 313067 688646 -375579 -54,5388 466647 837899 -371252 -44,3075 255838 511902 -256064 -50,0221 76215 307216 -231001 -75,1917 175384 397425 -222041 -55,8699 414799 623154 -208355 -33,4356 235257 442117 -206860 -46,7885 187990 365108 -177118 -48,5111


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