Patrick Altoft, speaker at SES London: “Developing a brand is huge”

Patrick Altoft, speaker at SES London: “Developing a brand is huge”

6th February 2012

In two weeks time the European Search World will gather in London to attend, network and share knowledge at SES London 2012. Like every year it promises to be a great event with a great line up of speakers. State of Search will off course be covering the event and in cooperation with our friends at SEO Chicks you could be visiting the conference!

Going up to the conference we will also be shedding our light on the event. We have asked several speakers at the event to answer some questions. Questions about SES off course, but also about the market in general: where do they feel the market is heading.

Today we listen to Patrick Altoft who his Director of Search at Branded3.

A bit on the market in general

How much do you think has “Search” changed in the past year and how much will it change in the coming year?

With the roll out of Panda and the introduction of Google + , the search space has changed massively in the past 12 months. There is so much more to consider when planning a natural search strategy so that you’re incorporating enough of the right signals to increase traffic and rankings. Developing a brand is huge, especially with the roll out of search + your world, and developing a strategy for video, image and mobile is a must.

Do you already feel the impact of “Search Plus Your World” as a searcher?

Not yet but can clearly see the direction Google is heading, it will be huge and my advice would be to understand how it works now and utilise it so that you’re ahead of the curve when it fully comes into play.

Looking at Europe, what do you feel other search engines should do to get closer to Google?

I’m not sure there is anything they can do, Google is so far ahead it’s difficult to see anyone catching them. It would take one of the big players figuring out an algorithm that worked solely on real time and social to produce results, and Google are pretty much on top of this already.

A bit on SES

What will your session and your talk in specific be covering?

There are two sessions that I’m covering this year. Both on link-building but focussed on advanced and non-advanced strategies. The content is still to be determined but it will cover the very latest link-building strategies for brands to use in 2012.

What makes SES a conference you want to speak at?

I try to get involved in all the London conferences and SES is certainly high up on the list due to the top class speakers and skill level of the attendees.

Is there a session, apart from your own, you would urge people to go and see? And why?

I normally watch sessions with top SEO speakers such as Richard Baxter or Will Critchlow as well as Ben Jesson from Conversion Rate Experts.

What should people ask you when they see you at SES?

What technical aspects of my site should I change to keep Google happy?
How do I develop an offline strategy that builds brand, social signals and links?


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