Was the Penguin 2.0 the Biggest Storm in a Teacup in SEO circles yet?

As we all know Penguin 2.0 rolled out last week and it seems to be a remarkably underwhelming update for one with so much hype. Searchmetrics has a great roundup of the winners and losers with the main losers being:

Domain Cluster SEO Visibility Current Diff in %
2dplay.com games 8781 -12610


lifed.com business 11783 -15678


dressupjunior.com games 7965 -8719


reeds.com business 4000 -2430


dailydot.com blog/community 13783 -8059


dressupgamesite.com games 30248 -17616


movie2k.to blog/community 53685 -28446


ets.org business /edu 28496 -14575


psychicguild.com business 32019 -16361


tvrage.com blog/community 40808 -20269


concerthotels.com blog/community 19503 -8715


The common denominators seem to be thin sites, sites with thin links and sites with predominantly untrusted links.

Penguin 2.0 was possibly the most “pre-launch hyped” update that sparked a great deal of debate about what types of techniques would be hit. Most of them don’t seem to be affected but it may still be early days.

A lot of the Penguin 2.0 predictions seem to be way off:

  1. Guest posting was predicted to be hit a great deal and that hasn’t seemed to happen. I am however betting this is coming, it’s too abused not to be imo.
  2. Anchor text hasn’t seem to be hit a great deal either although there are a few rumblings that certain sites have.
  3. Paid links were also cited in some circles and there are too many examples of sites with blatantly paid for links ranking well post Penguin 2.0 for this to have been dealt with.

So was Penguin 2.0 the biggest storm in the SEO teacup to date?

I feel it is but I also feel it’s probably a tech upgrade that possibly allows Google to widen its net for future penguin updates. First signs show that the Penguin 2 suite seems a bit of a damp squib but I feel more is to come.

What are the biggest areas of link building you feel should have been addressed in Penguin 2.0?

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9 thoughts on “Was the Penguin 2.0 the Biggest Storm in a Teacup in SEO circles yet?

  1. Google cannot check EVERY SINGLE site. There is a vast number of link networks and isolated sites out there still operating under the radar. Sure, the big ones are hit when cheating but smaller ones stay undetected for years (to come). 🙂

  2. Would have thought that this post would have generated a few comments since its initial publishing in May 2013!

    Was Penguin 2.0 an SEO storm in a teacup? Well that depends upon the type of SEO you have been doing I guess.

    Now that some time has passed I think it’s fair to say that many of us overreacted to the algorithmic change which was essentially for the benefit of users and quality content (urgh, sorry to say ‘quality content’) publishers alike.

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