Poles apart – SEO in Different Worlds: The Contest Result

Poles apart – SEO in Different Worlds: The Contest Result

30th March 2012

During March, we did a sponsored post about a competition by Hazelnut Films, which aimed to connect SEOs on opposite sides of the world. The two entrants with the connection spanning the greatest distance would win a customised copy of SEO explained in 90 seconds. The competition finished earlier this week – here’s what happened…

Digging a hole

The cleverest SEOs knew that their best chance of winning was to find the farthest point possible from them. So, they dug a hole through the earth.

Those in the UK came out somewhere off the coast of New Zealand. Agencies on the USA’s east coast emerged near Western Australia, and SEOs on the USA’s west coast surfaced near South Africa. All they had to do then was find a local SEO agency (or freelancer) and persuade them to enter the competition as their partner, before someone else got there first.

The competition attracted entries from right around the world, and the winning distance spanned a massive 11,781 miles. Congratulations to the winners, Zaddle Internet Marketing of Lincoln (UK) and Firebrand of Dunedin (New Zealand)! You can see the full results here.


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