Poll: what other search blogs do you read?

Poll: what other search blogs do you read?

29th April 2011

If you would take a peek at my RSS Reader some of you might be surprised of the amount of search blogs in there. I read many. My guess is many of you do too. We’d like to know which ones you read. Not as a contest, but out of interest into what the readers of State of Search “triggers”. And what beter way than to ask you?

In this poll (which, I repeat is NOT a contest) we have listed 15 blogs for you to choose from and one “other” option. These 15 have been randomly picked. If you really like to tell us which others you read, do leave a comment below. The poll will be up in the sidebar for the next period. We will off course share the results. So please vote, either to the right —> or below here: 

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