PPC Beyond Search: New Ad Formats, Display, and Social #SESLondon

PPC Beyond Search: New Ad Formats, Display, and Social #SESLondon

27th February 2012

Adding to track of PPC and social media optimisation this session looked at PPC beyond Search Expanding current PPC search campaigns, looking for new opportunities, tactics and understanding between local media ads, mobile and many new display options.


Andrew Girdwood – PPC – the ‘New Display’

Stating that "old display has been shot in the head and is bleeding to death" and suggesting that PPC is finally evolving into the ‘New Display’, Andrew Girdwood gave us a whistle stop tour of biddable media platforms.

Other Networks to consider

  • Open X – even if you have a relatively small blog – serve your affiliate code through Open X – for an advertiser you can go via open X using cost per click –
  • Outbrain – a widget recommending other content from other blog posts on a cost per click basis
  • Tumblr – for a dollar will let you promote your posts – if you are looking to seed content or make it go viral, consider it! Cost per action
  • Luminate – Google VC money behind it, Luminate is a technology that lets publishers put ads on their pictures
  • Viglink also backed by Google VC and skimlinks – made the news recently regarding Pinterest & copyright issues – these are cost per action, acting as affiliate programmes
  • Ebuzzing – cost per play on videos. Ebuzzing is a network of bloggers who will get paid per play – you can track and re-target people
  • Admob – mobile advertising platform for generation of revenue from mobile webpages


  • Don’t think Cost per Click or only think of Google – think biddable media
  • Look for opportunities for social, display or mobile

Dax Hamman – Display & Social

Display and Real Time Bidding looks much scarier than it is but no one has the right answer.

Where to begin?

There are so many types of display that you can buy – having an understanding of where to begin is a good start. Using the ‘strength of intent’ – we know about individuals and what they do, what we need to understand is what they want to buy. Retargeting is the strongest form of intent, so we really need to understand what it is. It is also a good starting point as Google Adwords provides retargeting capability, so it is relatively easy way for search marketers to get to know how it all works.

Retargeting is not what people think it is

When people talk about retargeting, they automatically assume site retargeting. There are different types of retargeting and can become a conquesting technique as opposed to just conversion.

  • Site Retargeting – Someone has been to your pages and left and is then followed forever by a retargeting cookie
  • Search Retargeting – Someone has undertaken a search, but never visited your site and ignore the SEO and SEM. Advertisers can approach ad serving exchanges and target those visitors based on previous searches within the last few hours.
  • Social Retargeting – Using the social graph to find people. For example, someone hits a conversion page and the closest match to that person is found so the advertiser can retargets their friends

It’s 2012 – are we still talking about the same IAB ad units?

15 seconds, 3 loops, 40 Kb in size etc etc. Still the world of display is catering to the lowest common denominator based on the amount of display that is served worldwide. However, used creatively, different types of retargeting can create a new type of display. Currently Chango are working on search retargeting. Using the example of a potential customer that may have searched for Lion King tickets, but does not visit a site. It is possible to retarget that prospect with a ticketmaster display ad where the search box is populated with the search term ‘Lion King Tickets’, even though that visitor has never visited Ticketmaster. This could also work for local ads, specific product searches – pretty potent stuff! However, try not to be a retargeting stalker – it could put off your audience.

Handy Sites and Tools, Testing and New Display

  • WhichTestWon.com – Daily AB split testing site for marketers to learn from
  • Canned Banners – Practice building display ads and download when you are happy!
  • Local Response – Respond to real time user intent
  • Ampush Social – Optimising campaigns for Facebook ads with highly analytical back end stats


  • Start trying it out and get to know display
  • Don’t get hung up over creative and start on simple tools like Adwords


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