I ran 24 miles with a Search Marketer (Summer Fun)

I ran 24 miles with a Search Marketer (Summer Fun)

30th July 2012

Let’s be clear.

That’s a lie.

I would be lucky if I could do 2.4. However, over recent weeks and months I have begun to get a little tired of updates from people about how they ran, cycled, climbed, swam, or pogo hopped a certain distance – normally aided by a certain branded app. As social media adoption continues to soar I think that intrusive messaging will continue to soar. The issue is not just who are friends and who are not (source of update) as many of my friends share similar updates. I am not going to cull a friend for that. It’s, just…well…annoying, and there is only so much time I can commit to constantly checking my Facebook settings. Does it really matter anyhow?After spending a few post European Search Awards drinks with the newly crowned Bas van den Beld we had animated discussion about how search marketers could share their achievements in a similar fun fashion – who knows an app may be on its way.


Below I have shared a few ‘I ran ‘ examples

  • I ran around in circles due to the panda and penguin updates
  • I ran a black hat business once
  • I ran out of link-building budget
  • I ran to the bathroom when someone mentioned inbound marketing
  • I ran away from a social media guru
  • I ran out of time in my Google exam
  • I ran out of patience with my client demanding No 1 for Car Insurance
  • I ran to Google once – and quickly ran back
  • I ran a Yahoo campaign once

And of course I ranstraight to State of Search when I needed the best search insight and advice

Your ideas and the Great Northern Run

Talking of running – On a more serious note bloggers Dan Bell and Nichola Stott will be putting on their running shoes to raise money for Scoliosis Campaign Fund.

http://www.mycharitypage.com/danbellj We would love your input to add some more fun to the ‘I achieved’ type list  (as I ranout of time J) If we reach over 50 good quality and funny “ I ran, did, achieved…” quotes then I will donate £100 to the Charity above.

Just do it

* Image Credit for Title image taken from ‘Social Media Sneakers’ – Worth a look

A whole new meaning to the phrase ‘A Google Trainer’

About the Author, Andy Betts

Andy Betts has worked in digital and search marketing from its conception in the UK. In the past 12 years his strategic marketing experience has helped formulate business and digital strategy for over £300m of business with many leading global and local brands. His has spent considerable time consulting in Europe, APAC, and in the USA and has worked with many of  the Worlds largest large Global agencies, direct advertisers, and brands. He specialises in helping CEO’s, business ands marketing departments not only grow and manage their growth, but also structure and grow their digital offerings in tandem.

This post is part of a special guest post series this summer in which we’ve asked (search) marketers to take a ‘different perspective’ on things.


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