Rand Fishkin: “SEO can’t Operate well in a Silo Anymore”


This year I am talking to several industry ‘influentials’ to find out what their takes are on the evolving Digital Marketing industry. After talking to amongst others Danny Sullivan and Nathalie Nahai, this time I sat down with Rand Fishkin to hear his thoughts on many different elements within the industry, on what he is doing and where Moz is going.

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What you will learn

In this interview you will learn:

  • Marketing and sports go well together and there is a connection between Moz and Sports
  • How Rand’s job has changed from CEO/Founder to individual contributor
  • So Rand got to step back and now has fun again.
  • Focus: the focus of Moz right now is more back on SEO, the things SEOs need
  • Rand is back doing SEO stuff
  • How Moz is looking into different verticals and tools like Moz Local and Followerwonk and why they changed the name from SEOMoz to Moz
  • Rand also discusses the reputation of SEOm including penalties
  • Rand tells us where he sees SEO in the mix of different channels
  • Rand tells us what IMECLab is, a project he is very passionate about currently
  • You can sign up for IMEC Lab here: http://moz.com/rand/imec-lab/
  • Rand gives his advice on where people starting in digital marketing should focus on. With that he also tells us how he works with his full agenda and what marketers can learn from it.
  • Finally Rand explains how building a big community like Moz is done.

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Some quotes from the talk

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  1. “The SEO field is getting a little bit more cleaner and we have Google to thank for that ” Are there people who really believe they have to be grateful to Google for cleaning up SEO practices?

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