Remarkable Quotes from “SEO Now”, do you agree?
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Remarkable Quotes from “SEO Now”, do you agree?

14th April 2014

Last week we released the e-book “SEO Now” in conjunction with Linkdex. In this e-book we collected information from experts all over the world, working in differents areas of the search industry. These experts gave us some very interesting quotes on the State of the SEO industry.

Below you can find several of these quotes. What we would like to know from you is whether or not you agree with them. And you can tell us! By either commenting or tweeting about the quote. We’d love to hear from you so do let us know! (You can always change the tweet when you click!)

Marty Weintraub about PR and link building:

“You know what the difference between PR and link building is? …Nothing. There is no difference in PR and link building. The search engines have amazing spam detectors, and you can’t make bad content that nobody cares about and expect your rankings to improve, or to get the links that you need.”

Agree: [Tweet “”You know what the difference between PR and link building is? …Nothing” -> @aimclear”]
Don’t agree: [Tweet “I don’t agree with @aimclear, there is a lot of difference between PR and link building.”]

Dixon Jones about the increasingly important organic space:

“If businesses don’t realize the critical nature of the increasingly important organic space, they won’t necessarily notice the hit on their business straight away. There’s always that attrition problem of increasingly complex consumer journeys and ecosystems. All they will notice is that, a year later, they will have lost market share via the search engine to a competitor brand.”

Do you agree with Dixon or not? Tell him!

Agree: [Tweet “Yes @Dixon_Jones, you’re so right about the increasingly important organic space!”]

Don’t agree: [Tweet “I think you underestimate businesses here @Dixon_Jones, they do realise!”]

Cedric Chambaz about understanding your audience

“SEO now is returning to the quintessential essence of marketing. The ability to truly understand your audience, to consider how customers are changing, how products are changing – and to act so your content becomes the gel between the two.”

Agree: [Tweet “Yes, @CEDRICtus is so right about SEO being about truly understanding your audience!”]

Don’t agree: [Tweet “I don’t agree with @CEDRICtus about SEO being about truly understanding your audience, it is more!”]

Dennis Goedegebuure about who is a publisher:

“Everybody with a website now is also a publisher. With Facebook and Twitter, brands have an opportunity to turn around customer experiences and make a bad situation into something much better. If you rock peoples’ world, they will share that with people, and that enables your SEO.”

Agree: [Tweet “‘If you rock peoples’ world they will share that with people.’ well said @TheNextCorner!”]

Don’t agree:  [Tweet “Everybody with a website now is also a publisher? No way! @TheNextCorner Not everybody!”]

Eli Schwartz about an executive buy in:

“To do things effectively there has to be an executive buy in. If there are people saying no, things are not going to get done. The brands that are winning have a top level understanding that SEO can be expensive, but that there’s a real long term value to it. Without an executive buy in it can be hard to get anything significant off the ground.”

Agree: [Tweet “Totally agree: there has to be an executive buy in to get SEO going, well said @5le!”]
Don’t agree: [Tweet “An executive buy in for SEO? Impossible @5le!”]

John Shehata about trust and reputation:

“SEO is an evolving art of creating, recommending, and promoting great content that satisfies both user and search engine needs. It’s all about trust and reputation, not manipulation. It’s a set of skills which allows SEOs to understand how users interact with search engines, what are their search patterns and how they find results, how they trust sites and eventually convert. SEO is evolving, it’s no longer about keywords, it’s about content and users.”

Agree: [Tweet “Yes, SEO is all about trust and reputation, not manipulation. Well said @JShehata!”]

Don’t agree: [Tweet “Trust and reputation, not manipulation? It’s all about manipulation @JShehata, you are wrong!”]

SEO Now Banner 600px 3

Warren Lee abut the fundamentals:

“Fundamentally SEO has not changed a lot. It’s still an art and it’s still a science. It’s still technical, data driven, and still about understanding audiences – just as much as before. It’s still about using data to perform optimizations within the search engine, and ultimately it’s about providing the best experience to customers.”

Agree: [Tweet “That’s what I think as well @warrenleemedia: Fundamentally SEO has not changed a lot”]

Don’t agree: [Tweet “Off course SEO has changed fundamentally @warrenleemedia, come on!”]

Sara Clifton about board level:

“On the whole digital questions have not yet reached board level. There is very little interest or knowledge at the higher levels of an organization. It is surprising how brands continue to separate their businesses by channel and departments in the way that they do. The way humans communicate, the way audiences, and social psychology operates is not based around a structure like these departments.”

Agree: [Tweet “I so recognise this @anderssonsara: ‘little interest or knowledge at the higher levels’”]
Don’t agree: [Tweet “I don’t agree @anderssonsara, the higher level has lots of interest in digital!”]


Eric Enge about content marketing:

“For me content marketing overlaps with everything. It overlaps with PR, social media and SEO. Those three disciplines should be interacting a lot with each other. All the disciplines should be working in close concert, and when done right, it creates activity, noise, and buzz out there which drives your SEO.”

Agree: [Tweet “Yes, @ericenge is right: content marketing overlaps with everything”]
Don’t agree: [Tweet “I don’t agree with @ericenge that content marketing overlaps with everything”]

Jessica Bowman about a ‘secret tactic’:

“There is a secret tactic being employed by big brands behind closed doors that no one will see coming, but when properly in place it will make any company a SEO force to reckon with. The problem (or opportunity) is that most companies attempting this tactic are doing it poorly, with minimal or mediocre results.”

Do you agree with Jessica or not? Tell her!

Agree: [Tweet “I agree, @jessicabowman, that big brands are employing a secret tactic. (I know the secret! ;))”]

Don’t agree: [Tweet “Hey @jessicabowman! A secret tactic employed by big brands? No way! I don’t believe that!”]

Bruce Clay about lack of knowledge:

“There is still a phenomenal lack of knowledge of how to do things right. Education is going to be key and people need to be refreshed about how to do things. We’re moving away from a position where 90% of SEOs were link developers. Now we’re seeing an industry shake up as the practice is redefined.”

Agree: [Tweet “Spot on @BruceClayInc, there is still a phenomenal lack of knowledge of how to do things right”]
Don’t agree: [Tweet “Lack of knowledge? What are you talking about @BruceClayInc? There’s plenty!”]

Aleyda Solis about SEO as an ‘integrator’:

“I’ve always thought of SEO as an ‘integrator’ – an additional layer that can create a level synergy between different online marketing areas.”

Agree: [Tweet “Yes @aleyda, SEO is an integrator, totally agree!”]
Don’t agree: [Tweet “Say what @aleyda? SEO an integrator? Where did you get that idea?”]


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