Digital Marketing Research Publications for week 7 2014

Digital Marketing Research Publications for week 7 2014

14th February 2014

State of Digital wants to provide you with the best information out there. And in Digital things keep changing all the time, so it’s difficult to keep up-to-date. But we are here to help you!

Every Friday we will be giving you an overview of research done around the world, published on the web somewhere. Research you can then use in your marketing efforts, whether it’s optimising a campaign or making sure your superiors will walk the route you plan to walk.

Here’s the overview of research in week 7.

Digital Marketing General

Only 1 in 2 Companies Say Sales & Marketing Have a Formal Definition of a Qualified Lead

If sales and marketing are to work better together, it might help to have an agreed-upon formal definition of what a qualified lead is. And yet only half of the firms responding to CSO Insights’ 2014 Sales Performance Optimization Study, underwritten by Velocify, say that that’s the case – and that percentage hasn’t shifted much in the past 3 years.

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Most Important Info to Display on Local Biz Websites, According to Consumers

2 in 3 American and Canadian consumers indicate that a local business having a website affects their opinion of the business and whether or not to use it, according to survey results from BrightLocal. So which types of information are most important to consumers to find on local business websites? The study finds that the inclusion of basic information is paramount, while other factors such as site speed or mobile optimization are low on the list.

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Social Media

Millennials Use Different Social Networks to Post, Buy Different Product Types

According to a January 2014 report from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research, US millennial internet users flocked to different social networks to post about different types of products they wanted to buy.

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Sharing Social Content on Twitter: Networks Used by Marketers at Mid-Size Companies

After examining the Twitter activity of North American marketing executives in general (Q1 2013), digital marketers (Q2 2013), and B2B marketers (June-August), LeadTail and DNN have set their sights on the behavior of marketers who work at mid-size companies ranging from 500-5,000 employees.

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Facebook IDs are the top choice when logging on to other sites

When logging on to sites with a social network ID, users prefer to enter their Facebook login information. According to Q4 2013 data from Gigya, the majority of social networkers worldwide used their Facebook IDs when using social sign-in. Google+ ranked a distant second (28%), and no other network claimed more than 15% of the total.

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Are Teens Really Unfriending Facebook?

A brand is in a tricky position when it has no place to go but down. Given its must-have status among US teens in recent years—eMarketer estimates 95.9% of social networkers ages 12 to 17 used Facebook in 2013—that’s the position Facebook finds itself in, according to a new eMarketer report, “US Teens: Sizing Up the Selfie-Expressive Generation.”

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Majority of UK Social Users Worry About Being Watched

According to January 2014 research by TNS BMRB, six in 10 internet users in Great Britain were concerned about social networks monitoring or collecting their information. Females were slightly more worried than males, at 63% vs. 56%.

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More than eight in 10 worry about email service providers reading their email

Three-quarters of US email users—which represent nearly all internet users in the country—are worried about someone reading their email, according to research from Virtru conducted by Harris Interactive.

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More Brands Promote Pinterest in Email Campaigns

Some 94% of brands display or promote social networks in their email marketing efforts, says Experian Marketing Services in its latest annual Email Market Study covering 2013 activity.

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Internet Ranks Third in Brazil’s Ad Spending

IBOPE Media’s roundup of 2013 advertising in Brazil recorded $52.1 billion in total media ad spending, an 18.7% gain over the previous year.

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Google Sees Success with Product Listing Ads

Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs)—enhanced search ads that include features such as price and image—saw steep growth in Q4 2013. According to data released in January 2014 by The Search Agency, total spending on such ads rose 71% quarter over quarter and 164.8% year over year in the last quarter of 2013, pushing its overall portion of Google’s spend share to 0.28%.

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Mobile-Local Ad Clicks Most Commonly Followed by Phone Calls

What happens after a mobile users clicks on a locally-targeted ad? Most often, a phone call to the business, says xAd in its 2013 Year-in-Review report.

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Research Study: Link-Worthy Blog Posts vs. Posts That Don’t Attract Editorial Links

What makes one blog post attract many editorial links, while another blog post by the same author on the same website is ignored?

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Content Marketing

Marketers Begin Aligning Content With the Buyer Journey

Recent research has brought to light the importance of customizing content to the buyer’s journey stage, something that few B2B content marketers feel adept at doing. A new study from Oracle Eloqua and LookBookHQ, conducted among the Oracle Eloqua community, suggests that content marketers are trying to get better on this front, though.

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