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I think most of us use Google Webmaster Tools to get extra information about websites and to add different kind of sitemaps. For some years now it’s possible to add extra users to a specific website in Webmaster Tools so that they can see the collected data to, edit settings, etc. At first it was a big hazzle to add new uers but since the beginning of March 2010 this is easy to do by just adding somebodies email address.

Full access

There always was a big problem with this: added users had full access to a website which means they can do all kinds of things in Webmaster Tools including things that you don’t want them to do. This problem is now over with a new feature that gives users not full but just limited access so that they can view a site’s data without being able to change settings, etc. So now you can give permission to your own customers who want to view the data just like in Google Analytics.

Adding users

To add a new user with limited permissions go to the homepage of Webmaster Tools and click the ‘Manage site’ button for a given website. In the menu select ‘Add or remove users’ which opens the new User administration page. This page can also be openend by just opening a website in Webmaster Tools and then go to Site configuration.

Then click the red button in the right corner to add new users. First fill in the email and then next to that select the rol for the new user, Restricted or Full.

After giving access the user can view the site immediately after opening Webmaster Tools. Below a table that describes the features available to each level of user.

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4 thoughts on “Restricted Users In Google Webmaster Tools

  1. hi,

    i have a website, i`m the owner, however until a few weeks ago someone else was taking care of the website, he had owner access, i had restricted access.

    I would like to remove from webmaster tools the restricted website, and add it again with owner permission .

    I delete the website but when i add it back, i get the restricted access message.

    Can you please advice ?

    regards !

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