Review: Ontolo – The Linkbuilding Book

Review: Ontolo – The Linkbuilding Book

22nd August 2011

As our connections to each other are the stuff of human relationships, so are links between sites the very stuff of the web.

I was therefore overjoyed to read Ontolo, and to find that here is a documented guide; from concept to objective to  methodology to realisation; for pretty much every  quality method of building and attracting the links that matter. (I felt I’d found a kindred spirit and something of a validation of our more PR focused approach at theMediaFlow too.)

Authored by Garrett French and Ben Wills Ontolo – The Linkbuilding Book, is possibly the most thorough documentation of linkbuilding to success. It is important to point out that the foundation of the Ontolo mindset reads to me as one of “links as business-driving” endeavours, rather than purely “links for rank sake”. On the other hand, if you’re more into this kind of crap, then this book isn’t for you.

If you already know that linkbuilding to your brand and digital assets is an investment and an activity to be approached with care and thought; then here’s the discount code for $20 off the $97 list price. Off you pop, I won’t be offended!

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Who Should Read this Book?

Ontolo is aimed towards the more intermediate to advanced online marketer, with some awareness of concept.


Written in an approachable, and conversant style, although the content (as required) may touch on more technical elements, this is never over-complicated.

What’s In the Book?

What isn’t?!

Ontolo is an extensive resource, covering campaign design, linkable assets, opportunity types and how to identify them; prospecting (including tools) and qualification of prospects, even relationship building – I was pleased to see (as this can often be overlooked) is detailed.

Key Messages

In terms of the ethos of the book, or rather the Ontolo approach, the fundamental message is that taking the short cuts, baiting to crap, might give you a quick rank- boost on a term, for a bit – but this is not the intelligent marketers approach. You have the products, you have the people (thought leaders), you have your brand and company mission; and this book gives you a step by step guide to identifying and surfacing your “linkable assets”, plus the practical methods to get such linkable-assets linked-to!

Additionally, the Ontolo approach places linkbuilding firmly within the marketing mix, encouraging you to consider and establish a linkbuilding agenda with your client or organisation as part of (and related to) complementary marketing efforts such as PR or social media.

What Stood Out for Me?

Setting aside the theoretical positionning of linkbuilding as a true market-driving activity, I must stress that this is a practical guide. Instructions are given, tools are detailed, their applications explained and throughout we are presented with practical examples; such as how to identify your “Market Defining Keywords” (MDKWs in Ontolo terminology) and create queries for “link opportunity types” using said MKDWs.

Favourite Bit

Some of you may do this already; (I know that I do) I’m referring to giving out the link love, subscribing to the “link karma” that comes from referencing others freely, and citing the work of peers, leaders or even competitors. Ontolo gives this a name – “Preciprocation“, thus formalising this method at the same time as telling you how to work it more efficiently.

*Note to self – be thought leader, coin phrase, get links.

My Ten Word Summary

Why buy links when you can buy the linkbuilding book?

Remember $20 disount!!!

G20OFF (offer ends midnight tomorrow – July 2nd 2010)


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