RIMC 2012 – The Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference – Internet Marketing Track #RIMC12

RIMC 2012 – The Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference – Internet Marketing Track #RIMC12

13th March 2012

More great content with an internet marketing slant. Really useful information regarding challenging the perceptions that clients have of how ‘social works’ from Matt Neal, an excellent presentation on the blurring of work and real lives and how Social Media Policies in the workplace are becoming more important from Massimo Burgio, and gTLD’s from Ludvik Hoegh-Krohn.


  • Matt Neal – Bright Sparx
  • Massimo Burgio – SEMPO & Global Search Interactive
  • Ludvik Hoegh-Krohn – OMG

It’s not the new TV, it’s the new telephone! – Matt Neal – Bright Sparx

The perception of how something is, is not necessarily how it is in reality. Matt Neal challenges client perceptions of social ‘works’ and gives a number of valuable pointers to help manage expectations.

There is an overarching perception that social in particular is very much just a broadcast channel, when in reality we know it’s also an opportunity for interaction and an opportunity for the delivery of real insight

With 70% of LinkedIn’s members saying that they follow or would follow a company, plus 60% of those members saying that they expect industry insight as well as news from the companies they follow, making real content and developing real relationships is more important than ever.


  • Social Presence will not just spring into life on its own nor will it manage itself
  • Social will not ensure that you are on the first page for organic search
  • Agencies do not have a hotline to Google to make it so!
  • Social platforms are free but it is not free to have a useful presence
  • Get the perceived value right – illustrate the failures but remember the successes

gTLD’s Ludvik Høegh-KrohnOMG

TLD’s or Top Level Domains such as the .com are the most well known. Other country codes such as .is,.co.uk and some .info and .biz do show in the search engines but usually it is the most well known or country codes. The .com is seen as the most important but sometimes impossible to purchase if you don’t already have it. As such ICANN are allowing applications for any organisation to secure their own gTLD (generic top level domain).

If you are a brand you can have your own gTLD – you have to be the brand owner, be the city or region but anyone can apply for .music .movie. It is free to send in applications but it will cost – ending April 12th – so if you want to get yours – time to apply now!

Why will brands consider it?

  • Firstly It is possible
  • Two years from now you will see the top brands using TLD’s
  • It will be perceived first mover advantage
  • Trust
  • Brands feel they will get more control

What are the challenges for search engine rankings?

gTLD’s such as .hotel may dominate the rankings in a particular vertical and it ‘may’ give more brand power so this may change the face of organic listing per vertical and see many .com’s being seen as less important than .brands in many areas

Social Media Policies – Massimo BurgioGlobal Search Interactive

“Online conversations replicate real life conversations and must be considered real”

This session for me was one of the most useful sessions of the day and a powerful illustration on why social media rules and policies matter. The lines between brand account, company account and personal accounts are blurring which means there are new rules with what to consider when using internet marketing and social media platforms to engage your customers.

Something an employee could do, could offend your target market, inadvertently upset customers, lose business or worse still – get an account disabled. Unlike a personal account, you cannot simply set up another account in another name and potentially you do not just lose a list of friends and photos, you could lose your entire investment.

Time to get a social media Policy?

Social media policies should apply to social networks, blogs, forums, wikis, privacy, data protection, copyright, your web team, your employees, business partners and entire business ecosystem.

Massio gave us many examples of Facebook and general social etiquette then showed us a video that sums it up perfectly.

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