RIO SEO Launch Keyword Discovery Automation™ Tool #SMX

RIO SEO Launch Keyword Discovery Automation™ Tool #SMX

4th October 2012

RIO SEO – part of Covario‘s suite of online marketing services have launched an advanced SEO keyword tool.

Intended as a resource for digital teams to match keywords and keyphrases, the difference is that this tool also helps to establish if new landing pages or content are required.

What does RIO SEO do?

As you would expect in a keyword tool, RIO SEO contains comprehensive Keyword Research capability but users benefit from the following additional features:

  • Multi language support – including multi byte languages such as Chinese and Scandinavian
  • Keyword & Page Categories – for reporting and project managment
  • Workflow Metrics – to help guide the user through the keyword discovery process
  • Landing Page Discovery – find existing pages that rank well and view relevant metrics to help you build well ranking pages
  • Search Analytics Integration – upload to the RIO SEO Analytics for analysis and actionable recommendations

Keyword Discovery Automation™ Interface

No public demo is available at the moment, so here is a sneak preview of the RIO SEO KAD interface:



RIO SEO had a stand at SMX so I spoke to Pete Dudchenkno, senior director for product management to see what he had to say about the new Keyword Discovery Automation ™ Tool.

For more details and to request a Demo visit:

or view the RIO SEO datasheet


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