Sam Noble UK Search Personality 2016, also wins for Barry Adams!

Sam Noble UK Search Personality 2016, also wins for Barry Adams!

1st December 2016

Last night was a big night for the UK Search industry. Like every year in the past six years the UK Searchawards were given out. This means recognition for those that worked hard in the past year to deliver great new things.

Yesterday’s awards evening marked a special moment, for not just the UK search industry, but for us as State of Digital as well. Our co-chief Barry Adams won two awards for work he has done and our Chief Sam Noble was the big winner of the evening being awarded the UK Search Personality 2016 award!


Photo credit: David Iwanow

A proud moment

I can honestly say that it was a night which filled me with a lot of pride. Barry winning the two awards and of course Sam winning the big one. Congratulations to Barry on his wins. We all believe he deserved these wins and is doing an amazing job. We are proud of you!

I do want to spend some extra time on Sam though. THE personality of the year.

I have know Sam for many years now. We first met after an SMX conference in London. Over drinks we got to know each other. Back then her company Koozai had just rebranded and made an impact quickly. Ever since Sam has shown amazing growth.

She didn’t just stick with her PPC work. She didn’t just stick with her management role at Koozai, no she did more. Much more. Sam started blogging for us. First as part of a series about the integration of marketing channels (writing about The Impact of Social on Search) and then as a regular.

Throughout the years she showed involvement. Wanted to do more. So she joined the editorial team. When I was looking for a person to stand next to me as chief, there was only one choice: Sam.

In the meantime she had continued to develop, also outside of State of Digital. She got on the speaking circuit, set up the Digital Females and came up with a revolutionary idea to train her staff, the Koozacademy.

These days Sam has ‘grown up’. She is a big personality now in the industry, one that people look up to. One that is followed. It’s a challenge, but she can handle that. Because as you read, she keeps moving forward. So this is just the start.

Sam, from the bottom of my and all of State of Digital’ team members heart: congratulations!

Enjoy the win and yes, you make us proud!

Find all the winners of the awards here

Here’s the moment Sam won:


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