SEO // Real World Markup For Success #SMX #SMXMilan

SEO // Real World Markup For Success #SMX #SMXMilan

8th November 2013

Businesses are always keen to know how much their competitors are spending, especially on PPC campaigns. Polly Pospelova looks at a few research options. Moderator: Sean Carlos, President, Antezeta (@seancarlos)


  • Ruth Burr, Marketing Lead e Head of SEO, Moz(@ruthburr)
  • Bastian Grimm, Founder e partner, Grimm Digital (@basgr)
  • Marcus Tober, Founder, Searchmetrics (@marcustober)

How to get markup to work on the Moz Site – Ruth Burr –

IMG_3586When Ruth was hired at Moz – the authorship was not working

  • Mistake 1 Google + button overriding author markup – repaired
  • Suddenly Google changed the author markup – stcted data testing tool looked fine in the validator it was not working in the SERPS so Moz started testing

Testing Authorship

  • Link directly to the bio-line/ G+ page – no change
  • Using Authors real names – started working but wrong authors on posts

What happened? The by XYZ confused Google so removed the ‘by’ to ‘edited’ and authorship is fixed

  • You can’t trust the validator tool
  • Adding nicknames in G+ works ‘sometimes
  • Remove anything that says ‘by (name)
  • Use a first and last name to link from author page to profile page AND from profile page to G+

Rich Snippets: Beyond CTR – Bastian GrimmGrimm Digital

IMG_3557The web is evolving and so is markup – Bastian takes us through Rich Snippets and beyond.

Why is proper HTML important?

  1. Provide your meaning proper HTML – semantic HTML is meant to describe content
  2. Increase maintainability – do content in Html use CSS
  3. Semantic HTML is Quality – browsers don’t care – other systems do
  • HTML has limits
  • CTR is influenced by more than one position
  • SERP CTR studies are almost over


The presentation contained lots of examples of markup in Italian listings (see below) – but Bastian left us with a list of handy tools.

  • Structured data testing toolols
  • GWT – Google Data Highlighter
  • Structured Data Tab
  • MicroData Generator
  • Schema Creator – Raven
  • All in one Schema

Authorship & Italian Markets – Marcus Tober – SearchMetrics

This will be available as a slideshare later on this afternoon



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