Search By Image With Knowledge Graph

Search By Image With Knowledge Graph

9th July 2012

Google recently introduced the Knowledge Graph, a big database filled with information about persons, places and more. Currently the Knowledge Graph is only implemented within, if it’s relevant the search engine will show more information related to the query.

For some time now Google Image Search has got a functionality to search by uploading an image. After you upload an image Google will try to recognize the image and gives back the best guess for the image and visually similar images plus search results related to the best guess.

These two things, Knowledge Graph and Search by Image are now combined. When Google recognizes the uploaded image the Knowledge Graph will kick in if relevant next to the search results. You can see this below in the screenshot, I uploaded a picture of Chuck Norris and immediately Google show more information about the world-famous actor from the Nineties.

Tip from Google: In Chrome or Firefox 3.0+, images from the Knowledge Graph area can be dragged into the search box to start another search.

Also worth noticing is that when you use the search by image function Google now will show more Pages that include matching images instead of just one page. And Google made some improvements to freshen up the results. “We’ve made recent improvements to our freshness, so when photos of major news stories start appearing on the Internet, you can often find the news stories associated with those photos within minutes of the stories being posted.” explains Google.

Ow and speaking of Chuck Norris and the Knowledge Graph, there’s a little Easter Egg hidden in here. You can read more about that in my other post here.


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