Search and Social – #SMX London day 2

Search and Social – #SMX London day 2

27th May 2015

Bas van den Beld is kicking off the day with an inspirational talk: Search and social tend to be completely different channels but on the end of the day everyone is continuously using social media to share updates and use search to find information. It is not only about sharing but also about the human need for information. Nowadays people are missing a lot of useful, interesting or funny updates due to the enormous amount of content being shared. We, as marketeers, are creating so much content that the chance of the content being viewed is so low that we need to come up with content that is worth being viewed. We need to find ways for people to watch our advertisements. We need to look at human behaviour, not only to the plain customer journey. If people don’t pay attention, your efforts are worthless and irrelevant.


If you understand your customer, you will be succesful. You have to communicate on their level, put yourself in the shoes of your client. Clients have passions, make use of it during their customer journey. If people share their passion, it is easy to use that as a marketeers to communicate a message. There is no average client, make sure to get a clear view on the clients you want to target. Differentiate between seekers, amplifiers, joiners and buyers. They need to be served with different kinds of content. That means you truly need to research your audience, find out what they do, what they read and what they have been purchasing before. Use social media like Twitter, LinkedIN and Quora to see what your target audience is sharing or asking for. For most competitive keywords, it will be a long term and expensive strategy to rank organically but it is quite easy to use social to find the gaps between the questions customers ask and the content current companies are providing. The trick is to get noticed by people that are not aware of the issues they have and act upon that. Create content that your audience can relate to.

5 ways to optimize the synergy

According to research done by BrightEdge search and social are clearly correlating. There is so many content being created so be unique;

  • Create shareable content
  • Monitor
  • Listen
  • Engage with influencers

Five tricks Mark Mitchell shared:

  1. Integrate your teams around the content your are creating. Collaborate with SEO, PPC and Social together to get the best results.
  2. Identify where social signals drive traffic, social is driving up rankings
  3. Benchmark versus the competition. How does success looks like within the clients competitors space? Set your KPI’s based on what competitors have achieved.
  4. Understand your social media assets. Social pages are ranking, Facebook and YouTube are most common so use those channels to get your content in front of your audience.
  5. Optimize your current social assets to dominate your brand space. Make sure there is no leakage of traffic to other websites. Dominate your brand space.

Conclusion of this session is simple: search and social serve different people at different stages in the customer journey. By really understanding the customer you can get most out of both channels.

Image credit: Neil Patel


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