Search & the Integrated Marketing Mix

Search & the Integrated Marketing Mix

23rd March 2010

For the final session of the day we decided to take a look at the Search & the Integrated Marketing Mix. The speakers all gave a different insight in the marketing mix and showed the people in the room how to actually work with the entire marketing mix.

Speakers in this session were: Bill Leake, President and CEO, Apogee Search, Mike Yacovone, Partner, Clarecast, Wister Walcott, Co-founder & VP of Products, Marin Software and Jon Myers, SES Advisory Board & Head of Search/Associate Director, Mediavest.

Mike Yacovone

First speaker is Mike Yacovone, Partner at Clarecast. There are lots of consumers out there, but not many companies are using all the opportunities. He points out you have to be at the top level. Raise your hands for consumers.

Integrate with other channels like Direct Mail. Communications are key at the highest level. If you are not communicating it won’t work. Take a look at what you’re outdoor group is doing. Tie the message in.

Test Fast – Learn fast. Online is an effective medium. What messaging best resonates with consumers. What is the demand for new products or services in the marketplace? Is a new market/territority profitable?

His message: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Bill Leake

Next up is Bill Leake, President and CEO of Apogee Search.

A lot of people live in a search bubble. He happens to believe its good to have more arrows. Search is just one arrow. Its about integrating across and down the funnel. It can be happening in other places than just your website. Move beyond the webform. Most companies are over-attached to their websites.

Some integrated tactics:
Integrate Search with earned media wins for better results. You can promote the earn win. Paid search can extend your pr-win.
Consider Event- and Name driven SEM / PPC. There are no ads for SES 2010 for example!

House List / Direct mail Tie-ins

  • More integrated Search.
  • Use SEM traffic with web analytics + your lead forms for list buildings & enhanced lead generation.
  • Go below the webform: improve spend by using down-funnel data.
  • Push an offer on your store locator

Wister Walcott

Third speaker is Wister Walcott, Co-founder & VP of Products of Marin Software. He talks about conversion channels. If you have a significant portion of website visitors converting on the phone you should act on it.

How it works: When a visitor arrives at your site you display a specific phone number from a pre-allocated block. You match keywords with phone numbers. You’re ‘renting’ this phone number. It redirects to your call center. Everything is recorded. Reports are send in daily.

John Myers

Final speaker is Jon Myers of Mediavest. The only British speaker in this session went on with real speed. He will bring it all together. He starts with some history. A lot of offline marketers are still scared of search. Offline drives search – offline channels influence search. Many people watch TV with an laptop on the lap. Two thirds of people do, so search IS integrated with TV.

Match your exposure with your Search! You can plan it and target it at the right time when media is ‘hot’. First thing you look at is where do my visitors come from. You break that down to web visits and then measure how media interacts with your search. You do search path analysis: every keyword counts. Its not about last click wins.

When you put search and display together there is a conversion rate of +394%. It is 15 times more effective than running a search campaign on its on. Jon’s tip: retargeting. Be specific with your banners. Look at the properties and the target audience.

Google is always expanding its own boundaries so we should too!


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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