Searchenginewatch biggest ‘link magnet’ according to Majestic

Searchenginewatch biggest ‘link magnet’ according to Majestic

15th June 2011

Majestic SEO recently launched a new function called “Majestic Million“. This is a ranking of worldwide sites based on backlinks. You can see important metrics in an up to date table. Now what is interesting about this is that you can see where you ‘rank’ when it comes to your competitors. Or which site you should target to get a link from because they have many themselves.

This means we can also do that with search blogs. We have asked Majestic to make a special list with searchblogs. We gave them ten sites to check. These sites were picked at random, to give you an idea. It turns out that SEOMoz is getting the most backlinks at the moment, but because we look at refering domains uit is Searchenginewatch who now is the most linked to searchblog. You can see the top ten we asked for below. This list is updated automatically.

The top ten for now:

But there is more! We want your input into what blogs should be in the top 10. So let us know what sites should be here. We will then work, together with Majestic, on a new version which will be automatically looking at the blogs who write about search and rank them on a special page. So let us know which blogs we should look at!


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