Searches on Bing More Successful than on Google

There has been a lot of discussion about Bing lately. According to some experts Microsoft’s search engine was driving on a dead end street. They were going nowhere and Microsoft should consider selling Bing. But things might not be that bad after all.

Research from Experian Hitwise shows that Bing is not only growing, it is beating Google when it comes to success rates. Where on Google 68% off searches are ‘successful’, on Bing and Yahoo that number was a lot higher: 80 percent of searches.

A successful search in the eyes of Experian Hitwise is when the searcher actually clicks on a link. It seems as if on Google people might be doing more searches, but are not always finding what they are looking for.

Google still is the biggest search engine in the US with a market share of 66.05% in July according to Experian. Bing follows on a distance with 28.05%. Together with Yahoo (15.07%) they however still account for 43.12% of searches in the US, which is a lot. Bing should therefore not be ruled out yet, even though seems to be the least successful of them all.

Longer keywords

With Google Instant arriving, there were some expectations that queries would be getting shorter again because people would pick up the suggestions more quickly. It now turns out to be the opposite. Five to eight word queries increased with 3 percent in the last month. One word queries are however still the majority of searches: 25.32 percent of all queries are one word queries.

Tonight on our radioshow we will welcome Cedric Chambaz, EMEA Marketing lead, Small and Medium Businesses Advertising at Microsoft, who will discuss the Bing – Yahoo transition. Without a doubt we’ll be talking about these numbers too. Tune in live 8pm in Europe, 7 in the UK, which is in the US at 2pm on the East Coast and 11am on the West Coast. Listen and join us in the chatroom!

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6 thoughts on “Searches on Bing More Successful than on Google

  1. Or… Google provides better answers in the SERPs making clicking obsolete. No, just kidding, but I am wondering how big the impact of direct answers is on these results. There must be some impact.
    Of course these results can be interpreted in too many ways. Maybe Bing and Yahoo are used more for navigational queries or Google provides better snippets and preview for results so users don’t have to click through.
    However, I think the differences are pretty big. At least larger than I would expect. I’d guess click behaviour in SERPs would be pretty similar in different search engines.

  2. Isn’t “Google” one of the most popular search terms used in Bing? I’m sceptical about the conclusions on these data. It says as much about the users of the respective search engines as it does the search engines themselves.

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