Searching in Different Countries Without Proxies

As someone living in the Netherlands and as someone who is keeping a close eye on what is changing in the industry and with the search engines I have one big problem: localized search. Google tends to localize your search results based on where you are, which means for me in the Netherlands it is quite difficult to see how State of Search is doing in for example Australia or even closer, Spain or France.

There are tools working on solutions for this problem, because for SEOs who work internationally it is difficult to see where you rank. One tool which looks at just this issue is “I Search From“. Here you can see what results you get from a query in any country in the world, in any language you choose.

Take for example the term “State of Search Hangout”. When I try the search in the US the State of Search Hangout page actually shows up in the top result, whereas in Holland it doesn’t, in the Netherlands its actually Twitter which seems more important:

The tool has more options to it than ‘just’ searching in different countries. You can for example narrow your search down to city level and make a choice whether or not you want your search to be logged in and personalized. You can even choose a different device.

ISearchfrom uses the “gl” parameter in the url for the country and also adds parameters for the exact location. With that it ‘overrules’ the IP.

It is a handy tool which makes that it’s no longer necessary to use proxies to tests different results in different countries or regions. Especially if you want the quick check on differences it is very useful.

Bas van den Beld

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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.

6 thoughts on “Searching in Different Countries Without Proxies

  1. Hi there, 

    Really helpful article. I’m based in Ireland and have to check search rankings in Australia. I heard if you write it brings up the Australian results. Can anyone confirm if this works? 

    Ercus (!/ErcusLong)

  2. I found this really helpful and I don’t have access for proxy sites in my office. Hope it was a great tool.


  3. Hoi Bas, dit lijkt niet (meer) te werken. De eerste de beste search vanuit Nederland met opgegeven opties Land Canada, taal Frans geeft een hele lading aan nederlandstalige advertenties. Het lijkt me niet dat al die nederlandse bedrijven daadwerkelijk in Canada getoond worden toch?
    Is er nog een nieuwere methode zonder proxy?

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