Tools Week Presentation Demo: Searchmetrics

Tools Week Presentation Demo: Searchmetrics

8th March 2013

During the State of Search Tools Week we are doing several demo’s from tools, one is a demo of Searchmetrics where Marcus Tober showed us the product and took the time to answer questions afterwards, which you can also listen to in the video below.

After the video there is information about what was said in the Q&A so you can skip directly to the part you find interesting. Below more information on Searchmetrics,


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Q&A Searchmetrics

From minute 30 on there is a Q&A with Marcus Tober from Searchmetrics:

Searchmetrics as quick data tool

Many people turn to Searchmetrics when new things happen, why is that?
(from 30:00)

Marcus explains that Searchmetrics has a free demo account which can be used.

Biggest USP

What are the biggest USPs from Searchmetrics?
(From 32:00)

Marcus explains that Searchmetrics is not depended on others, they have their own crawler and their own data. They believe they can only deliver the best if they own all the data.

Keywords Trends Feature

(From 34:30)
A question from the audience: how does the keyword trends feature (up and down arrows), how is that measured?
It is based on the keyword sets of a client. They have a huge data set of keywords of which a client gets a part.


A question from the audience: won’t you have any issues with google when scraping data as raventools had?
(From 37:12)

That was a different reason, it had to do with the Google Adwords data and the regulations around that. Searchmetrics is not dependent of Google Adwords data so doesn’t have that problem.

What is the average audience of Searchmetrics

(From 39:40)
The audience for Searchmetrics is very broad. They target mid-size to large enterprise companies. Because they have a scalable API for example hosting companies who then cover the smaller markets.

How often is the Social data crawled then updated?

(From 41:00)

Daily but not for every website, some sites are more important than others and get priority.


(From 42:30)
You can start with a small wallet. The prize for an SEO model starts with 99 dollar a month and then goes up.

Where is it going with Searchmetrics in the future?

(From 44:20)
Everything depends on vision and mission. Searchmetrics seems focussed on SEO but isn’t. It tries to give you a very good overview of everything what happens around your site and give recommendations.

“In a world full of redundancy Searchmetrics is a tool which can offer you the right combination of features to be successful.”

About Searchmetrics

searchmetrics-logo-standardGet in touch

Get in touch with Searchmetrics via their website or e-mail: [email protected].

Main features

Get a complete overview of the features here.

Their main features areL

  • Links
  • Social
  • 5,000 Keyword Queries
  • Reports
  • Credits
  • All Search engines
  • Benchmarks
  • Site Crawl
  • Web Analytics
  • Landing Page Report
  • Customized Data integration


Clients from Searchmetrics are amongst others:

Symantec, eBay, IG, Warner Bros, Virgin, Siemens, Bild and more

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