SEO christmas campaigns: Did you use your summer months wisely?

Did you start planning your SEO Christmas campaigns this summer? No? Well, there’s always next year.

Most people dealing with SEO on a daily basis know that SEO is long term. You cannot do miracles in a couple of weeks. If you want to rank for a keyword, search phrase or theme before Christmas, you have to start the SEO planning and the actual SEO work during the summer months, or at least early fall. And the worst is; your competitors also know this.

Why? People actually start searching and researching for their Christmas shopping and New Year’s sales months before December. You don’t need fancy SEO tools to prove this. Here are  some examples.

If you want to rank well for Christmas shopping, offers, sales or presents, you need to know that people start  searching for this in September/October. The trend is the same every year. This means your SEO planning and work should start during the summer holidays:

christmas shopping trends

Want to rank well for ”Black Friday” related searches? Start your SEO work in August and your SEO planning even earlier:

black friday trends

In December, you might even be to late to rank well for ”New Year’s sales” and New Year-related searches, if you didn’t start this work early this fall:

new years shopping trends

The most important reason to be early? If you are one of the first to rank well for these trending topics, you will get the links, not your competitors. And as we all know, links are the thing that can really give you an advantage.

Too late already? Make this your 2014 new years solution:

1)   Do your keyword research in June/July 2014, for example by using your AdWords keyword reports from 2013 as a starting point

2)   Start planning your Christmas and New Year’s SEO in July

3)   Start implementing in August or even earlier

Want to rank well this year? Well, either you have to do something amazing to get a bunch of links and social coverage right now, or you have to invest heavily in for example AdWords or other advertising.

About Agnete Tøien Pedersen

Agnete Tøien Pedersen is Head of SEO in iProspect Norway and has years of experience within SEM, SEO, web publishing and journalism. She is also chairman of the Board of Ethical SEM in Norway, BraSøk. On a daily basis she is working with customers of all sizes, in Norway, the Nordics and internationally.

2 thoughts on “SEO christmas campaigns: Did you use your summer months wisely?

  1. An interesting article, Agnete – thanks for sharing it 🙂 I think it’s also important to remember to the data that you have already. We have seen over the past few years for certain clients that November is busier than December for ecommerce so we plan our campaigns around November and not December to get the most out of our marketing strategies.

    1. I completely agree! Check your web analytics to use as a basis for all planning. I especially love the internal search reports. They give you a lot of info on what your visitors are looking for in different seasons, and when they start searching for it.

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