SEO and PPC Lessons Learnt at SMX London 2014

SEO and PPC Lessons Learnt at SMX London 2014

13th May 2014

Day one of SMX London has concluded and the State of Digital team have been there in full force capturing all the top lessons, tips and tactics from both the SEO and PPC tracks throughout the day.

Rather than the normal session write ups in blog post format, this time at SMX we are trying something new .This comes in the form of a free eBook that will be published next week. The content contained within the eBook will be packed full of the lessons that we have learnt from all the talks and it is being put together especially with you, the reader, in mind. The idea is that you will be able to keep hold of the eBook to help you take the next steps in digital marketing based on the industry experts that have shared their knowledge at the conference over the two days. Below are just ten of the lessons that will be included within the eBook from day one of SMX London.

5 Lessons in Search Engine Optimisation

New factors in the periodic table – . Unoptimisation is one of the ranking factors. Undoing what you did yesterday. (via @simmonet)

Links are not dead but the way we think about them and how we get links has to change.  Links are only valid when using them properly – putting  them in front of an audience to get engagement (via @tim_grice)

[Tweet “Engagement and popularity are very important ranking signals (via @tim_grice) “]

[Tweet “Panda issues can be solved with better engagement not necessarily with rewriting content (via @tim_grice)”]

How to win with links. Where do you start? Start with a clean up. Some people say start in Google Webmaster Tools. Google does not give you al the links from GWMT, they are a sample. (via @davenaylor)

5 Lessons in Paid Search

All metrics for testing ads should start at the impressions level. Just looking at Conversion Rate, Conversions or Cost per Acquisition will not give you meaningful result data as it will be flawed depending on how many impressions an ad has received. (via @bgtheory)

70% of mobile searchers have used the click to call button from the call extension. (via @suzyvirtual)

Looking at campaigns, ad groups or keywords and seeing a negative return on ad spend may alarm you and cause you to pause the element immediately however, they may have assisted with a conversion on another campaign. Always use the assisted conversion report to verify performance before you make decisions to pause. (via @nilsson_magnus)

Break free from the search engines by utilising display advertising. You have tens of thousands of publishers at your fingertips compared with a handful of search engines with typical search campaigns. (via Luke Hayter)

In most instances with RSLA campaigns you will want to bid negatively for converting customers on remarketing campaigns to stop them from clicking an ad and wasting your budget. There will also be times when you want to bid with a +100% multiplier if you are looking to drive repeat business from existing customers. (via @rebekahtweet)

Looking to learn more?

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